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chemical confidant, the body continuously administers, shake off that strange identity created; a veiled illusion. violent internal screams shrugged off like furtive glances imagined but unseen, stars that defy the infinite always fall.
beauty can not bloom amidst silence, art can change the damaged hopes melancholy brought from the night you woke with ancient conversations echoing, trapped.
the difference between fear and love is negligible, maybe fungible.

burning stars survive as lonely orphans
past disturbances finally exposed to all who look up.
after a journey across vast distances through that heavenly, cold, black ink
onto the face staring, transfixed, out the small window…

…this night.
awake with shared words from a time long since past.
burning forever brighter, parallel emotion shared with the shining orphan so far away.
mutually forgotten, afraid, alone. this night.
unsure if anything exists in daylight still.
this night, forever, eternal like the dark.

suddenly reborn,
eyes cried and dried,
sleep eating consciousness, slowly,
regaining absolute control.

    • 130 bpm
    • Key: E
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