Floyd's Breakbeat Shop - Breakbeat show on criminaltribe.com/radio. Every second Tuesday of the month in 21-00 CET brand new breakbeat, big beat, breaks, industrial, electronic rock from post-soviet territory producers! Everything that bring the beat: true old school & new stuff from fresh releases and dub plates!
This show was dedicated to dark, acid, experimental breakbeats on slowly tempos! Only 2017 stuff and dubs! Check it!

00:00 Note Blacksmith - Beast of destruction [Dub]
04:16 Вадим Себелев - Dead Rock [Неоновая библия LP]
07:06 Zymosis - Make A Wish [Insight LP]
12:19 Trim Silence - Users and Losers [Midnight Special LP]
16:42 Interra & Little Orange UA - Black Ice [Dub]
19:35 wo1 - Темнота [Free]
24:00 Mechanical Pressure, Sled - Life [Life EP]
26:37 The Tesla's Method - You Someone's Hero [2016 LP]
29:12 Industry Twelve - rust N dust [Free]
34:43 Aton - Exhale [Dub]
37:01 [SC]Smash3r - Straightforward to the Aim [Free]
40:39 Hackcore - Codename Nemesis [Free]
42:50 All Out - I Choose Noise (Potential Differense Remix) [Psycho Breaks Remixes]
45:30 The Morphism - Sexual Instinct (Dark mix) [Several Shades Of Sex ЕР]
47:42 Far Out - Another Dimension [Another Dimension EP]
50:06 IMNAH - Natural Selection [Codex.Preamble VA Free]
52:30 КОЛО - В Обрії Снів (Parallax Breakz remix) [Preview]
55:14 Furst Lowlett - Gods Of Voodoo [The Day Of Dead LP]
58:53 Inner - Neon Strip [Free]

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