Floyd's Breakbeat Shop - Breakbeat show on criminaltribe.com/radio. Every second Tuesday of the month in 21-00 CET brand new breakbeat, big beat, breaks, industrial, electronic rock from post-soviet territory producers! Everything that bring the beat: true old school & new stuff from fresh releases and dub plates!
This show was dedicated to power, dark & acid breakbeats on slowly tempos! Only 2017 stuff and dubs! Check it!

00:00 Mechanical Pressure - Insane [I AM SPACE VOL.1]
03:40 3D Stas - Subconscious Fall [Industria Psychika EP]
06:28 The Little Orange UA & Floyd the Barber - ID [Dub]
09:14 Subface & Floyd the Barber - Cyber Dog [Dog EP]
14:22 Far Out - Hyper [Hyper EP]
17:16 Deep Energy - Brutal Mood [Free]
20:28 vmb80 - Species [Free]
22:47 FB Force - ID [Dub]
26:32 [SC]Smash3r - Cyberjack Hollowdeath [Free]
30:23 The Tesla's Method - Energy Begins The Night (Acid Edit) [The Tesla's Method Free LP]
32:51 Age Of Rampage - Criminal Tribe [Dub]
35:47 Mental Factory - Get a Drink LSD [Dub]
38:43 Inner - REDRUM [Free]
44:03 Little Orange UA - Last Electric [Dub]
46:04 Xirallic - Before Explosion (Aequo Remix) [Free]
47:54 Abdomen Burst - The World is Changing (Mechanical Pressure Remix) [The World Is Changing EP]
50:53 QuantX - Ghost in the Shell [Free]
54:05 Denis Burkov/ARGUS – DeoBass [Free]
56:41 Secret Sexy Signal - BDSM [Save Me From This Shit EP]

    1:20   Mechanical Pressure - Insane
    9:40   Subface & Floyd The Barber - Cyber Dog
    14:00   Far Out - Hyper
    48:20   Abdomen Burst - The World Is Changing (Mechanical Pressure Remix]
    56:40   Secret Sexy Signal - BDSM
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