Profile description of Criminal Tribe Records ltd.:

Criminal Tribe Records is the largest Breakbeat/Big Beat music label in Europe.
Support from: The Prodigy, Leeroy Tornhill, iLS, The Crystal Method, Ursula 1000, Future Funk Squad, Rory Hoy, Omar Santana, Freestylers, Linda B, The Funky Boogie Brothers, Funky Flavor, PulpFusion, Stickybuds, Expansion Union, Miss Mants, Ozma, Anngree, DjK.
Label resident's:

  1. Age of Rampage (RUS)
  2. FB Force (UA)
  3. Under Influence (RUS)
  4. Floyd The Barber (RUS)
  5. Sj Ocean(UA)
  6. SC Smasher (UA)
  7. Little Orange UA (RUS)
  8. Krizzz (RUS)
  9. Izotope (UA)
  10. Subface (UA)
  11. Interra (RUS)
  12. D.Bruce (UA)
  13. Secret Sexy Signal (RUS)

Biggest live performances:
02.11.2016 - Aequo warm up The Prodigy live performance in Ice Sports Palace Sibir/Novosibirsk
09.11.2016 / Age Of Rampage warm up The Prodigy / Bud Arena / Moscow

DJ Krizzz - manager

Alexey Hornet - owner

Official distributor Cygnus Music

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