Substax - Blue Fire In Your Eyes

The Blue Fire In Your Eyes

Stepping over you was fate,
as I was blinded by the light,
it's the blue fire in your eyes,
nothing ever felt so right.

My heart is bouncing around like the kick,
setting free souls' energy,
the snare is guiding me the way,
to my very inner feel.

You are like the growling bass,
shaking me around,
your unequaled beauty,
taking my mind to the ground.

You are intelligent like the flow of this sound,
crazyness in the depths of your heart,
it is only you,
to which I intend to be bound.

The blue fire is blazing in your eyes,
it is igniting my spark,
no life there is without you,
it would just be pitch dark.

Dedicated to my twinflame!

    Drum & Bass
    • Type: Original
    • Release Date: 2016-02-27
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