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    refresh your page yaythink Hearthis crashed there Ah explains itBack in the roomyeah i did think it was not running right but must say tec support from Hearthis were right on it thanks aye shit happens but it seems stable now ...live anything can go wrong and it usually does all the fun of the fair eh thing seem stable now ..phew i thought we had lost it there like Hi all hi jakehi Ed great tunes guys Nice!and everyone for sticking with it we are running half hour over with the break Tuuuune!we are backyeah great ...nice one guys vvgreat set guys down to the last track nice set Great tunes and visuals ???xxxThanks  Empirion nice set we enjoyed that Medusa now playing unreleased exclusive trackunreleased exclusive trackfrom the lovely James BlackAcid warningthis is not a drill Hi all Really loving this. In my mind, I'm dancing with you there  yeah for sure Hels whoop whoop!glad you  made it helssmashing it Medusa x last track from Medusa x Thanks for that perfect mice one xxxx final trackyou might recognise it once it gets goingoh yeah Prodigy nice  banger to finish onthanks For that Medusa that was bangging nice one xxx Pltease now playing to end the night off sounds great loving these visualsvery snakeymixing it  up Pltease night all xgood night Medusa cath up later xx down to the last 8 mins from Pltease Thnks everyone who tuned in been a fine night of Techno Thanks All djs great sets throughout nice one we going to 4 last 10 mins well we down to the last min the night has flew over ...we start again at 12:00 miday till then get some sleep for now ...we got a busy day ;-)Thanks Pltease a perfect way to fininsh the fri night off ;-) and its a good night from us xx
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    2:14   Empirion - I Just Like the Noise
    4:08   Empirion - Stepper
    10:28   Empirion - Side Swipe
    18:08   Empirion - Lock It Down
    26:35   Empirion - I Am Electronic
    34:08   Empirion - Jesus Christ
    40:21   Empirion - Ciao
    46:25   Empirion - Narcotic Influence 1
    52:24   Empirion - Quark
    1:04:28   Empirion - Adsr (Empirion Clubbed up Mix)
    1:18:08   T78 - Dogma
    1:26:27   A*S*Y*S - Acid Wall
    1:40:11   Organ Donors - We Call It Acid
    1:50:12   The Prodigy - Warrior's Dance
    3:23:54   Fungophago - Der Nebel

    • 136 bpm
    • Key: Fm
    • United Kingdom
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