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    Tech-No Lockdown Live Stream James West - Zenzo - Dj Moon - Pltease

    Tech-No Lockdown Live Stream James West - Zenzo - Dj Moon - Pltease by The Mouse Hole T.V  24/7 Psytrance
    James West now playing perfect sounds James hi nice soundsThanks for listening ?really enjoying this! great mix!:DThanks Si hope you are good man ?Hi Si how you doing nice one for dropping in yeah all good thanks!:)hope you are too. Glad you are still finding great tunes!:DGets me through the day!:)hello hellohappy friday everyonexxxHi Medusa ?Hi Medusa xx hope you are all good xxevening..... loving the sexy techno xxxhi craigyes all good thanksgood to hear xxWho’s on next Craig?Zenzo ...just setting up down to t he last 10 mins from James ...Thanks James perfect start to the night Thanks for putting it on Craig!thanks for playing such a nice set very cool vibe thanks James sounds great xIs Zeno ready or should I play one more track?yeah play one more Any guesses who this is?um ?Comedian/musician who likes his loop pedals?is this you James Ha I wish no it’s Beardy Man ?arr yes 2 mins left Ready?Thanks James perfect Thanks everyone enjoy the rest of the night ?Thank James benn a plesure mate ;-)Zenzo now playing lovley sounds Zenzo nice sounds like the sounds Zenzo Tunes :)yeah jake i know the tiltle is the radio goimng to change it when it is saved Hi Ash Hi Jake :)Hi Craig :)Hi All!:Dhi DJ MOON hi ashhi Jake xhi MedusaHi Katie :)evening boys xxxxZenzo aka Startgate will be playing on the Tribel Sphere live stream sat night ..i will stream the whole show to here starting from 5 oclock down to the last 10 or so from Zenzo time flies when you are having fun eh last track from Zenzo .... Thanks for that and a perfect sttrean nice one now playing is DJ moon Thanks for That Zenzo perfect nice one have a good stream with Tribal we will be tuned in ;-) great tune's AshReminds me of the Bugged out nights around '95 in ManchesterBugged out they were good parties never got to one myself ...in thoes days i was on  the road with a few bands Claud Young smashed it...Techno scratching 140's bpm completely insane, Carl Cox was frequently thereyeah i caught some of Carl Cox last night doing a stream ..he is good like eh totaly into what he is doing Corking tuneyeah Ash cracking set He had his tunes on vinyl all cut on the same bpm no wonder his break mixing was so good.arr is that how  he did it  ehYeah not so different from me on sync bashing it between cue point loops on Traktor.yeah we all have our ways eh ... but i do think technology has its uses and the dance floor benifits down to the last track from Dj Moon ..Thnks for that perfect ;-)Thanks guys!glad you enjoyed it :)I enjoyed your set Ash Thanks jake :)yeah perfect Ash as usual  nice one indeed Pltease now playing we got Mikes place set up the Sanctury Streaming studio looks and sounds awesome :Di worked out how to stream from one house and broadcast it from my house ....going godd Pltease nice one funkyyeah funky ;-)love these Techno nights nice one everyone mice  Glad you are enjoying it, really enjoyed tonight, will work on the live sound.yeah keep working on it for the next one working on doing a Elemental xmas party stream 20 dec ...im working on doing 2 rooms at the same time using 2 hearthis pages so room 1 the mouse hole will be pwich will bethe Techno room will the mouse hole be Psytrance then yeah the Mose hole will be Psytrance will i be here im sure you will Ed well tonight has flown over we down to the last 15 mins from Pltease ,,,Thanks for that nice yes psytrance tomorrow at 5 with dj Lah with tribal Sphere Thanks to James west Zenzo Dj Moon and Pltease funky music through out  thanks guys and al perfect streams not one drop ;-)thank for a great night once Pltease has finished give it a couple of mins then do a refresh of this page  if you want more music yes I do yeas ed thats all you ever want down to the last track from Pltease been a fine night thanks everyone been fun yes aand its a good night from us All ;-))
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    33:57   Suspect One/KAYLEE! - Vanishing (Original Mix)
    41:32   Lampe - Choppy (Original Mix)
    46:15   Monococ - Carbonite
    51:50   Monococ - From the Deep
    1:11:45   Lampe - Intercepted
    2:33:26   Stoneface & Terminal - Orbiter (Extended Mix)
    2:37:35   Stoneface & Terminal - Orbiter - Extended Mix
    4:07:30   ROBPM - Seat Belt
    4:31:22   Ilija Djokovic - Chimera
    4:49:10   Various Artists - Risco
    4:51:18   Alfred Heinrichs & Dejvid Kavazovic - Top That
    5:31:27   Toni Alvarez - Acid Substance
    5:33:27   Bastian Bux - Lagano
    5:51:10   Eric Sneo - Splish Splash

    • 130 bpm
    • Key: Gm
    • United Kingdom
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