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    Good work we have Stereo Ohhhh Yesssss !.we on ;-) hello all hi jakeAfternoon people ;)Hi Tribe, coming through loud and clear. πŸ₯°Yeaaah It started :DGo Stargate!afternoon folks xxhi All nice one for dropping in x Stargate playing now Bi Jonny, missing you all, still in lockdown here. hello Ted MarstonNICE TUNES DAVE :)Hello all Tribal Sphere. Hope you are all well. Wicked stuff Dave. Tuned in from transylvania big love everyone :) Cameron party time :Dhi Richard and hi Andy hudson and hi cameron and hi to Brendan and hi to Medusa and hi toted Hi everyone, just want to say thanks to all at TS for putting this on. Hi y'all πŸ™‹πŸΌ‍♂️Hi Jake Is it just me or does this keep stopping ?.Keeps stopping πŸ˜•kkkksorry about that i had waterr dripping through the roof left the water running ....Just got back from cornish pasty land.... sorry im late,,,IT TEGAN. I GOT THIS TRACK!NICE ONElast trak from Stargate thanks for that next up Inflate turtles Sounding nice Rob!Nice set Dave :)^^ yep yep....Nice one .. Dave ;)yeah thats for that Stargate a perfect start nice one now playing is 3pm - INFINITE TURTLES E Clip, tune!yes E clip is my Favourite i have got some E clip tunes i will play them for you tonight Richard  sweet dude, look forward to itNice tunes Rob!;)Only just logged on here...thanx for nice comments!Well done for joining Cameronyes my tune i have go this tune love those purple lights around the decks...Very smart presentation. Love it. πŸ’žthat track was called Digital Coherence by Taliesin before that album was Called Flow three  last ten mins great set nice one ....HiLovely start to the afternoon. Tribal sphere rockin itBeautiful afternoon and tunes!yeah perfect sounds for a sunny afternoon last track nice one and a perfect stream yes Creatures by Alpha Port great tune Woooooooooooo!Nice one robWrrrroooòoo Rob!Nice tunes!Where's the soundI got sound!i got sound..... fine here#we have got sound here OMTEC!WOOOOOOOOÒOYEEEEEHAAAA!:o)have you got sound now Andy hudsonJust WiFi in garden lolokGo on Vilius!Killer tunes Tune!Top notch guys πŸ‘Whoop Whoop Cool baby nice tunes NiceNice tune 🀩🎢🎡🎢🀩I'm going to have my change my set. You're playing all my favourite tunes thanks for that Infinite Turtles we enjoyed that nice one now playing 4pm - OMTECCheers guys! was great funIt's been awesome. Well done everyone. Smashing itLoving this. Have to sign of for a bit though Will listen in and be back later xxwhoop whoopYou're doing well  ViliusπŸ€ πŸ‘½πŸ˜Hey Reza. Is that you on the virtual dance floor?down to the last 10 mins from Omtec great set perfect last track then over to LENNIE LAZERBEAMnice one ViliusNice one. Great tunesHere i am you done well Vilius stick with us we have a porblem Nice one vilius!Wicked set Vilius ☺️Nice one Vilius πŸ˜€life force(original mix)hey Reza. Good to see you here. Fo you remember Tribooolllll SPhaarrrr?phew that took some doing there internet is not the best so we are on a fine line winter smoke is fab tune xhi everyone!:D X.Hi Si, Ellen, Rezza, Jon, fancy meeting you here. Loving it. πŸ₯°πŸ’žBanging tunes guys! πŸ˜πŸ•‰:)hiya Rezza!Howdies Ted!:)Empathy Dub 1 :)lovely afternoon tunage.. :)Sweet tunes guys!;)whoop whoopOh yeah!Sounding awesome fellas :Dgood mixing The question to Function over , interesting :)great tracks you got there ;-)hello it's Tegan again. Love you guys!last track from LENNIE LAZERBEAMWicked 😎awsome :) we dance to tell story nice one guys whoop whoop!Wooooowell done Richard :) greeting brother Yo RichwhoooWoooooooooooo😎Kinesia Paradoxa :) πŸ‘yes Richard on the desks now playing Go Rich! DJ IAH now playing ah wicked!:Dhiya Jon and Ellen!:)Also Ed and Andy!good to see you on here! :)missing everyone!yeah its good to everyone here wont be to long before we get to get together yes!always great to see you Craig!:) :) :):Dtune!;)Tunes Rich!=Dnice one πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘top set!:Dyes Great tunes Richard Go on rich smashing it! Nice tunes!hi rob Worrrrrrrrhhhhhhh!hi Jonathan spencerwe have had a slight problem with Zeroturn as his net is down that was going to be on at 8 so Dj Iahis doing a extra half hour and then  NOCTURNAL PROJECT will also do a extra half hour too  On fire mateThat's a shame about Zeroturn. Rich is playing a blinder though. Keep it cominRichard started off 140bpm and now he is going up to 145bpm now yeah we are always at the mercy of the interent eh Listening with LP and Ken while we're having dinner. Loving the tunes!Hi all. sorry I am so late.og mini festy for 2 in my garden tonight, keep smashing them tunes out, ya doing us proud tonight , players listeners, bedroom dancers, here all night keep on smiling, eep on dancing, xxpeasnglovesxxhi Steve your smashing my favourite tunes Richard Hi Craig Yessssss πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜ŒπŸ™ŒNice melodies RichWhat is the list of artist's playing tonight. ?Just got on now times to dance 6pm - DJ IAH soundcloud.com/dj-iah 7pm - NOCTURNAL PROJECT soundcloud.com/nocturnal_project 8pm - ZEROTURN soundcloud.com/zeroturn 9pm - PSYTRACKED soundcloud.com/psytracked_uk 10pm - ELLEN soundcloudHello I'm here as me now. Nice tunes πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠDance like its 1999, oh yeaCheers Jake and good eveningHi guys! Loving the tribal sphere live stream! Love you all πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“hello toxic tegan  i will be dancing to your set later on hello charliepsy Wicked set Rich πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€down to the last  track from dj iah great set nice one Great set Rich. Smashed it1 more tuneFantastic sounds, thank you.psychdelicccccnow playing is Andy Hudson  Go Andy!Nice set Rich. Cheers!Go on Andy! 🀟thanks gang, glad you enjoyed :) go on andy! :DWicked set Rich. Go go go Andy πŸ’žLOVE this tune AndyDum dum wubble wub 🀣πŸ₯°YEEEEHAAA!:o)Tune!nice one Richard you smashed it NOCTURNAL PROJECT now playing iTunes!killing it mateWhoooo!my favourite tune by andy!absolute banger Mint!He's made some great tunes. Love the energyyeah nice tunes and all live that's betterWoooooooooooo 😎nice tunes Andy πŸ˜€Yeah! Love you guys ❀️cracking tunes.Niceyeah lovely tunes woohooooo <3 Building up nicely. I think the roofs going to come off here tonightNice t shirt 🀘:D i like Andy hudson set up and nice Speakers down to the last 10 mins from  NOCTURNAL PROJECTTUNES Andy!Nice stuff Andy. Thanks!Woohoo nice one. I bloody boiling now and mozzies are getting me Great set manGreat work there. Great set, fantastic tunes, thank you.Banging tunes Andy. πŸ₯°First hour was all my tunes. hope you all enjoyed them and they sounds ok, did a lttle free style on the roland fantom x7, hope it sounds ok cus i just put it stright in mixer :) Really enyed that, wiTake me back to the barn haha ;)Hmmmm Memories thoor did i break my wifi lolseem s to have a dodgy lead but we will have to stick with it some nice chicken action there. lolwhooooodown to the last 10 mins from whoooooYeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssAnother epic set. thank you.Hi Guys. Apologies if the sound quality wasn't great . I trod on the external sound card just before the set. Doh!wow looks wickednice decor. and awesome tunes.Looks amazing. Tribal Sphere!greatjhon you had my life there flying close to the sun there like  Really nice Ellen!I'm just gonna have to dance to this Ellen. 🀣πŸ₯°me to ted Might be asleep by then - are they being recorded?wicked light show, wicked tunes , love you ellen , proper smashing it via matt, still here  till the end xxpeasnglovesxxis there an after party..lolI recorded most of mine and put it up on my soundcloudThe night is but young  ;)wow!hi Karen i am DJ at 2 o clock in the Morning  so stay in for my set i am dj after my dads set ends gonna be here until the end , so lets keep it rockin xyeah will be going till 4 x Lovin this tunewe running ten mins behinde awesome set` your best yet just so good! :Dlast track from Eollen great set nice one xx Fantastic set, thank you.whoop whoop whoop xxxxAWESOME, I loved it. thank you Eleenthanks, it was really goodlove you ladies...xxYou've made more effort than your fella Teagan. Nice oneTeganCor blimey crikey!That was fricking awesome πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜ŽAmazing set theregot visualsOMG< im missing that hill tonight....xxThe best partieswaving baCK T Xoh yes ere we goAwesome event guys. Been amazing all dayWow well done Elllen that was great! XxxxxxxxxTegan Tegan Tegan...... !Wooooooooo 😎 Tegan smashing iti'm going to bed now, thanks for the sounds, see you next year xxToxic always looks so cool when dj-in. "What me? Its not me making all this noise!"πŸ€£πŸ’žGreat set. Music's been awesome all dayThanks for putting  this on guys. Having a much needed blastyeah Thanks guys lovin it !go Tig!nice!Tunes Ellen, loved it.. andygreat tunes.oo yeshloving it soo much :DTOXIC TEGAN now playing Go on Tegan, loving your set fuck yeah!no Swereing Jack AllsoppRage against the machineNIceoooowwww goin into the mouse hole!1down the last 10 nins great set x wow that was an amazing set. thank you TegaWicked set Tegan πŸ˜ŽπŸ’œxsorry meant Tegan, lolWooooooooooooVery nicethanks Tig!That was great!most excellenat xxsmash it!smash it!smash it!buy the CD guys!Awesome Jack 😎Nice jack! Woo hoo! Lurvly  ❀️Kick some ass, way to go.Yeeeeehaw😡😡😡😡Back now...had to put Zach to bed & catch up on sleep, Nice visualsGo Jack 😎epic awesomeness πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€flreekin awsomeeeeeeeeCheers everyone this is ace! Oh yes!AceGreat set Ellen and Tegan, Really nicego on Jack my son!"!-Dyeah cracking sets from everyone x Tune!good luck Craig, your on next!yeah thanks Jon will be fun ;-)Thanks to Daz n Charlie for the visuals πŸ™Yes Jack!comon!Act one playing till 1 :15 is that a slipper on your head?mate you can even rock a slipper on your head!Legend!Man this is surrealBrilliant thank you Jack! πŸ’€If Escher made music instead of visual art... This might've been itHahahawooooooooooooooooooexcerlent tunes Jakesorry that should be Jacksorry that should be Jack                        bangin                                       digitalshamansrecords.bandcamp.com/album/ou-toposnice oneJack is goimg to play one more we have the time i can't stop dancing :)That was so awesome Jack!Loved it πŸ˜€ πŸ’œace brothanks a bunch :)whoop top one!whooooBravooooowaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrIs that a changeover? Loved the last set, been dancing to it. <3prognosis is now playing After him is DJ Edstorm When I click on the <3 Like (1) button it changes into <3 Dislike (2)wooHoo bring it onNice one. GREat set Jack.Its yer man Craig Prognosishi jakwYoohooWooooooooo πŸ˜€yes big up Prognosis!comon Craig!1πŸ•‰nice!whoop whoopProper psychedelic!whooomissing you Jason xxgo on Ed ladlast couplewoooooooo were going down the mouse hole'11last track i just got to swap laptops so there will be a small drop tune!;)Woo nice one Craig 🐱wooooooyeahhhhhhh woooooooothanks for that Nice one CraigThank you and all the artists loved you all πŸ’žcomon DJ EDstorm!Whats kick out time 🀣🀣🀣🀣Come on Ed lad you smashing it.Kicking up a storm! Edstorm πŸ‘Wooooooooo Nice one Jake πŸ˜€Superb afternoon and night, finishing off with a flourish from Ed. Many thanks to all the organisers and djs. woooohhhhaaaarrrrrrrwhooooThanks Ted you is a starcan we watch these video's again once it's finshed?that be cool.. or is it one off? :) :)yeah i got it all recoarded but its all in a 14 hour et haha nice visuals!yeah nice visuals from Daz and Richi visuals coming at us live go on Ed!Tunenight all night Jurassic thanks for dropping in thank you guys for a top mini festy party vibes, love n miss you all xx goodnightxxnice one Kaz we going to go to 4 yeah we've had a blast. Great music all day. So nice to be able to connect like this. Love to everyone it's Tegan. Jon did you play an Aknoyd track in your set?no, not nedown to the last 20 mins from Dj Edstorm thanks each and  every  one of you been a Blast It's been soooo fun πŸ˜€ Thanks to you too Craig for all your hard work 😊 Big love to everyone ❀❀❀i will have stop and let things cool down a bit but will be backwith the radio Thanks, had loads of fun ;)yeah thanks to everyone. Had a blast all day and all night =Dtunes have been wicked =Dlast track wooooo nice one Edstormgood night from The Mouse hole thans everyone
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4pm - OMTEC
6pm - DJ IAH
10pm - ELLEN
12pm - ACT ONE

    1:07:26   Lyktum - Sacred Plants (Aion Remix)
    1:11:25   Heterogenesis - Gamma Waves
    1:17:13   e-mov - Critical Thinking
    1:27:36   E-Mov - Cosmic Ritual
    1:31:31   Taliesin - Digital Coherence
    1:57:14   A-Tech - Sky Lantern
    1:59:19   Alpha Portal - Creatures
    3:23:37   Forbidden Grimoire - Transmutation Circle
    3:45:44   Nocturnal Project,lennielazerbeam - Square One
    8:46:08   Aknoyd - OnederFunk

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    • Key: Gm
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