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    Halloween After Party320kbit/s

    #6 Halloween After Party by The Mouse Hole : Host Prognosis
    nice dark sounds niceone not surewhathappend there something took overmy websocket ?more expirements are needed Evening people.hi steve you timed it right again As always.who is on tonight.Zenzo is playing now then Ed then Maze you just missed Antali Shame i do like his tunes.Like this DJ, lovin it Zenzoseeming we missed a bit Zenzo is going to play till 21:45 then  nice prog set from Dj Estorm nice sounds Zenzo im blissed out seeming we missed a bit Zenzo is going to play till 21:45 then nice prog set from DJ EDstormdown to the last tracks from Zenzo Thanks that was perfect nice on Cracking tunes thank you Zenzo.   🎢🎡🎢🎡🎢🎡🎢🎡DJ Edstorm now Playing 143 BMPIs this from Saturday.Yea go ED, give it some beans........go on ED blast them tunes out son..same set  up but a new set just for the afterpartyNice 1 Ed followed on nicely good euphoric one at the start.yeah flowing well ... 11:15 ok nice traks and mixing Ed Fantastic tunes, thank you Edthis set will be going upon Mixclound some point yeah Ed you never stop and then on for the next set for Psy-Frequency 15th nov perfect sounds just about the samestaete our heads in after 30 hours down the Mouse Hole ;-)Yes you banging them out tonight ED, go on14 of November not the 15 we need to sort the set times out for that dad is the Psy frequency yeah right again Jake and yeah im sure we will with you on my case Sound quality is good tonightAt least from where I'm sat!yeah got through my studio ;-) nice one yoursounded good too I have Beyer Dynamic headphones 250 Ohm with a preamp, really compresseed stuff sounds thin on it, this stream is coming thru pretty phat tho.down to the last 10 mins then over to Dj Maze but he has sent me his set as he is not able to live stream yet so im going to do a  visual show along with the track to end the off ;-)) Sounds goodWell done ED was a fantastic set,Dj Maze playswith us on Psyalicious radio we are doing a show next week of this weekends  sets ....nice oneBravo thumping prog EdExcellent I forgot to record it again. Can you send the link please when you have it FB messenger?yeah i will see how it turned out just a shame about the drop but just means we got to do it again untill we do ..thought i had cracked but there is still one hurdle to get over ...web sockets um?i am enjoying mixing visuals these days  is funyes me too yeah this is a nice set from Dj Maze great set It was an amazing set, thank you.yeah music throughout has been something else eh it certainly has, hats off to all of them.yes yeah for sure and we have had  few in over the weekend we have 35 and over 250 plays been great Wow presents Maze - DJ EdStorm - Prognosis - Mike Angel on tom Psyaien Angle  radio next Friday a lot of people like to just play as as you dont need to log in or sign up ..Next Friday on which channel.on soundclound just a full set steve of Maze , DJ Edstorm and Prognosis and Mike angle its for toms Psylicious radio it a soundcloud show that goes out on a fri at midday so over the othere side of the world which will be night time ...we are going to play that set on friday we are streaming Cant wait ladsyeah most of my weekends are filling up and then xmas ...lots coming up and with the lockdown think we will be down the Hole most times eh ...great i say yes with more Live Stream Bring it onits good to have you with us Steve ...Stay Safe Stay Tuned eh ...yes i missed you Steve with the music Yes i know but I was here tonightyou sure were Steve just at the right times im sure you will get to see the recording I am going to have an early night, Awesome sounds, as always see you next weekendsee you next weekend for more streams yeah steve good night catch up soon ;-) i will be playing this weekends recording out through the week so do keep checking in ;-)
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12: 00 : 13: 30 Sacred Mush
13: 30 : 15 : 00 Zeroturn
15: 00 : 16: 00 Ashstafari
16: 30 : 18: 00 Dj Edstorm
18: 00 : 19: 30 Prognosis
19: 30 : 21: 00 Iago Twitchy
21: 00 : 22: 30 Tapsy & Alien X
22: 30 : 00: 00 Rui
00: 00 : 01: 30 Joe & Conner
01:30 : 03: 00 Jacob
03: 00 : 04: 30 Mike Angel

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    2:53:27   Vegas (Brazil), WAIO - Badegum
    3:11:27   Blastoyz - Mandala
    3:27:19   Ace Ventura - Sahara
    3:30:55   Astrix - Sahara
    3:41:31   Astrix - Sex Style (Spectra Sonics Remix)
    4:08:52   BECKER - DMT (Original Mix)
    4:16:56   BECKER - Illusion

    • 141 bpm
    • Key: Abm
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