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    Anges Audioaddictz Birthday Stream by The Mouse Hole : Host Prognosis
    this will be a goooood night I can feel it in my bones, hmm could be the arthritis tho LOLhi Steve how you doing looking forward to tonight, had 2 episodes of Breaking badThe night is youngoh breaking bad you will enjoy  that wink wink say no morewho a bit o Marolyn MWho is this playing CraigLoving the tunes enormasly.Bela Sebastian   Cheres, me likes a lot.Bela Sebastian is freakin awesome, wow some top tracks. thank you. :)thinks its another dj now Luke festival vibe now playing likeing what I am hearingyeah Luke plays some nice tunes a good dj done a few parties with me over the time nice one, am loving this mixim going to swap sound cards so i can get set up lovelywell im going to have to stop this stream so remember to refresh the page
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Host : Prognosis

1999 Prognosis evolved after a night out at Plexus, Newcastle University. From then on, the love and passion for Psy trance led them to organise the first Psy trance parties outside of the University . With his best Mate Greame Farrer set about educating the North East into the sounds of Psy trance. It was not long before they had their first party at the Riverside at Newcastle .They went on to play around the North East until finally finding a home at Thimbleberry Music Festival .

With the use of a laptop sample’s and a 8trk hard disk . Prognosis combine
many sounds together in a live mix,with the use of eq and effects and the layering of sounds over the finest psy tracks creating a Psychedelic soundscape for the dance floor.

2000 /2009 They go onto establishing the Festival twice a year with Andy Norman. Prognosis hosted a Psy stage & they invited all the UK Psy communities to come and play, which they did. The rest is History - Sunrise Leeds Psy Bass Trauma Cybernetics, Cosmic, Kulu …

2000/ 2006 Prognosis establishes links to world wide Psy communities which leads to being invited to play in Portugal alongside Burn in Noise Cosmosis and Infected Mushroom .Over the next couple of years they played Tribe of the Frog, Germany, Portugal another 3 times for Twilght zone. Amsterdam 3 times for Trans-juicer club nights. They met loads of great people and played alongside may of the top Psy names of the countries …

Back in the UK establishing links with UK Psy communities & festival management … Invited to play, Omniscience- London, Tribe of Frog – Bristol , Kulu -Bradford, Trauma Trance, Cause and Effect - Newcastle.

2006/2008 Psy Bass Manchester joins Psyalicious management & plays a lot of private parties

2008 Greame leaves Prognosis for family life.Thimbleberry loses its Licence but not before hosting the likes of Eat Static, System 7, Zub Zub, Akahum, Sicknote, Subsource, Here and Now, Space Ritual and many, many more bands.

2008/2013 invited to play Bearded Theory - Shamania – Alchemy / Willowman which led onto stage management of the Psy stage and the Wibbly Wobbly stage – Whitedog’s Fireworks parties and Phest Psycle Psytaztica

2012 Prognosis play at Whitedog’s Summer Phest – Majikarna Fest and the highlight of the Year was to play at Sunrise along side Rigel (Onvimoon Records) and finished the year off at Hendre Hall with the Northwaliens .

2013 started with supporting Astralasia at the the Trades Club, Hebden Bridge and is now looking forward to playing Psysphere in London on the 24th November. Prognosis gigs conformed for this year are Chi Birthday March 24th, Tribal Sphere 30th March, April 6th supporting System 7, May 15th , stage management Beaded Theory May 25th. Looking forward to playing for my first time at the Symmetry Fest – June 7th ,Eden Fest stage tech , June 21st Willowman – stage manager /playing. July 24 Majikarna, Sept 28th Alchemy . playing and Stage manager . Finishing the year off playing Illminaughty 2013 was one of the busiest years for Prognosis..

2014- J 15th Prognosis is looking forward to Playing the Volcan stage at this year’s Eden fest – June 21/25 Willowman fest – then off to Holiday in Boom fest for Aug Aug31st Black pearl Sept Alchemy fest 5th Nov White dogs Fireworks party along with 3 other not confirmed parties …..

Through the power of Psy trance music and the Community, I have had the pleasure to meet and play alongside some great people which have developed into close friendships with Ed Tangent /Lorraine and all at Sunrise. Gareth and Sue Whitedog – Mad Mick Kulu – Mick Trauma – Wayne Psybass – John Weetamix, Lloyd Oood, Tribe of Frog, Cheryl/Mark, Loose Connection, Catawumpus. Northwaliens, Phil Bearded Theory
, Toby Alchemy, Gary Majikarna, Ade Shamania, Steve Willowman and far to many to name here ÷))

Prognosis links soundcloud.com/prognosis-csomemouse



and for 24hr psy and new Prognosis radio mixes tune into the Mouse Hole mixlr.com/csomemouse/chat

    44:30   Way Out West - Killa
    1:00:29   Marcel Woods - Cherry Blossom
    1:12:25   Tiësto - Breda 8 PM
    1:22:25   Moogwai - Viola [Mix Cut]
    1:28:40   Sinéad O'Connor;Conjure One - Tears From The Moon [ASOT 423] (Tiesto In Search Of Sunrise Remix)
    1:30:28   Conjure One feat. Sinead O'Connor - Tears From The Moon (Tiesto In Search Of Sunrise Radio Edit) feat. Sinead O'Connor
    1:32:34   Conjure One - Tears from the Moon (Tiësto In Search Of Sunrise Remix)
    1:34:55   Paul Oakenfold - Southern Sun
    2:16:27   Agnelli and Nelson - Every Day
    2:34:47   Commander Tom - Are Am Eye? (John Askew Remix)
    2:38:40   Cern - The Message
    3:11:01   Paul Oakenfold - Born Slippy Nuxx (Paul Oakenfold Remix)
    3:36:27   E-Clip - Isotonic Tuning
    3:42:33   Abomination - Fallen
    4:19:08   Iliuchina - Sycho Delic
    4:30:31   Iron Assault - The Infected
    4:34:25   Biorhythm - R2detune
    5:34:37   Z-Cat - Express Train (Vs. X-Avenger)
    5:42:19   Z-Cat - White Dragon
    7:14:46   Vibe Tribe - Japanese Heights
    7:32:38   Gataka Vs. Apocalypse Vs. Gilix - In My Mind
    7:49:13   Electro Sun - In My Dream
    7:53:06   Bionix - Fighting Shadows
    8:01:29   Soniq Vision - Electrified
    8:02:39   Talpa - Red Fog
    8:42:56   Virtual Light - Crocodile Smile
    8:53:05   Dickster - Caffeinator
    9:06:50   Tristan - I Am Alien
    9:18:21   Spirit Architect - Reshaping Reality
    9:26:41   Lunatica - Howling Creature
    9:29:12   James west - Way Of The Future
    9:48:38   Ridden - Skywalker
    9:53:04   Once Upon A Time - Fiction Games
    9:58:46   Xpiral - States of conciousness

    • 145 bpm
    • Key: Gm
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