Profile description of Craig Caudill:


Is the brainchild of Artist dabbler of all things creative.
Early ’90’s Craig Caudill. has been behind the scenes of art and literature. his first garage band was the THOUGHT LORDS which finally grew into a SLUGHEAD which was an expanding project where many members joined in when necessary depending what instrument but mainly the core band was Craig Caudill and Greg Willhelm-Olsen
mid 95-99.
He wrote screenplays and poetry unsuccessfully nailed any film projects but he honed his chops to gear up for for the next wave of serious creative work that was more concrete. After a failed attempt of making a short film he film large amount off experimental video mixed with music from electronic artists from all over the world. eventually giving him awards and and gallery work.

from 2001-2005 Craig worked and toiled on making video installation pieces in rustic galleries and upscale electronic media festivals both locally and Germany and France
2005 2014. Craig has focused on on word and sound.
he wrote poetry being published in several literary journals and small poetry magazines and zines. to date he has written five books three available on Amazon.
2013-14 as a home recording artist has created music on a simple app which he called the project RED WAVE which slowly became STONE BROXXA inspired by hospital nightmare of being pecked in the abdomen by a black bird. from a opening with a ceramic tile lip opening. one later Craig has created five albums on his own name and five more under the FM R IZ

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