Interpreter: Cosmin 13
Instrumental: Griesgrammar
Album: N/A


Please y'all don't hate me
it's late by now
I wanted to make this shit
also challenging my law
I tried hard, I tried hard, dreaming over the clouds
if I think about my future I do not know what to say to ya
I count the days as if it were the last
this train does not wait, Jupiter reflects on my pupils
great, covenant with the devil if it existed
feared that my efforts were useless
I have to try to save myself

Scream as if no one heard us
but the walls hear us
I should leave but I can not
it's part of me
this is not what I use to be
tryin' to escape from the failure
not to cry, not my weakness
not a saviour, hope to win and
look at ending, like a trailer
of a whole life movie
succes is my god
but I think he is atheist towards me
so much blood
God is not available, and doesn't text you back
I'm playing tetris game with falling stars up and
I go to bed

Cloud rap.

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