Profile description of Coretura:

    Timothy Alexander - Blackhorse I
    Mindwalker - Strobo Room (X-Core Remix)
    Consoless - 22EC_55 (Voidloss Krokodil Is Love Mix)
    D. Carbone - Anti-Solar Theory
    Thomas Nordmann - Lost Coordinates
    Perc + Truss - Clapacid
    Luke McMillan - Diskonnect (Re-edit)
    Shadows - Distorted Images
    Embrionyc - But I Will Not Back Down
    Stan Grewzell - The Machine
    Dep Affect - Atomichron
    Cubic Nomad - Android Development
    Dither - That Sound
    Dep Affect - Separation Anxiety
    Peaky Pounder - Yksi
    Stan Grewzell - Neuro Entertainment
    Enzyme X - Clonewave
    Slavefriese - Dorm Of The Future
    Tymon - The Mangler
    Rude Awakening - Original Rudeboy

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