Cloower Wooma - Transference 008 with Ant Nebula (August)

Transference by Cloower Wooma is monthly podcast with the different music and guest artists from all over the world.
In "Transference" you will find music which i actually enjoy.

This episode it'll be a guestmix from Ant Nebula (Australia). He also presenting Mindspring Music in this episode.

I only want wish you to listen and enjoy the music.
Feel the transference of emotions and thoughts :)

August 2016


Cloower Wooma mix:

  1. Jherek Bischoff – Cas(s)iopeia
  2. Offthesky – Be Still
  3. Agraph – Reference Frame
  4. Access To Arasaka – Sera
  5. Ascendant – Inception
  6. MediaData – Adrenaline Dream
  7. Martin Nonstatic – Granite (Live Edit)
  8. Motionfield – Time Capsule
  9. AstroPilot – A New Hope
  10. A-Duff – Ethereal (One Arc Degree Remix)
  11. Cloower Wooma – The Nature Of Mind
  12. Puremusic – Tatchi

Ant Nebula (Australia) [Mindspring Music Showcase]:

  1. Condensspur - Reflected Sky
  2. Dimmat - Another World
  3. Condensspur - Plasm
  4. Zequest - Slightly Noticed By Peripheral View Time Change
  5. Condensspur - Philae (Halfred Remix)
  6. Encke Division - Chill Sitar
  7. Martins Garden - Athos (Sin Vocales)
  8. Vegenaut - Lunaire
  9. Spiral Minded - Under A Dripping Moon

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