Cloower Wooma - Transference 007 with Noraus (July)

Transference by Cloower Wooma is monthly podcast with the different music and guest artists from all over the world.
In "Transference" you will find music which i actually enjoy.

This episode it'll be an exclusive guest mix from Noraus (Russia). It includes life performance from Maksim, recorded on BK festival in Russia. Also it consists of new material from upcoming album from Noraus.

I only want wish you to listen and enjoy the music.
Feel the transference of emotions and thoughts :)

July 2016

Cloower Wooma mix:

  1. Library Tapes – Introduction I
  2. Halftribe – Well Connected
  3. Faex Optim – Finite Forms
  4. LPF12 – As I Let You Slip Away
  5. Ambientium – October Noon
  6. Ascendant – Arcology
  7. Segue – Sea To Sky
  8. Docetism – Tree Plantation

Noraus (Russia) Guestmix:

  1. Noraus - Aerodub (+Fip)
  2. Noraus - Melt dub (+Heliopatis)
  3. Noraus - Fuse
  4. Noraus - Glow Effect
  5. Noraus - Serpentine (+Alex Rize)
  6. Noraus - The Incredible Adventures of a Microbe B
  7. Noraus - Funny Aliens
  8. Noraus - Soothing Radiation
  9. Noraus - Les4
  10. Noraus - Sol Solo
  11. Noraus - ID
  12. Noraus - Bloom

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Noraus (Russia):


    0:00   Library Tapes - Introduction I
    6:40   Faex Optim - Finite Forms
    19:40   Ambientium - October Noon

    Ambient, Chillout, Ambient, Modern Classical, IDM, Psybient, Experimental, Dub Techno, Dub
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