In "Transference" i'm going to introduce you some different music and different people which i really enjoy.

This epesode it'll be a guestmix by Nibana. He is a multi-styles electronic producer form France who released his own music on different big lables and have gigs over the world. His sound is pretty cool and fresh. I really enjoy his works for that.
Nibana made really warm and groovy mix which brings the summer faster.

I only want to wish you to listen and enjoy the music.
Feel the transference of emotions and thoughts :)

You can follow me:

Nibana (France):
Main SC:
SC chill side:

Cloower Wooma mix:

  1. One Arc Degree feat. Georgia Irakli – The Tree Maiden
  2. Beautumn – Blame The Mars
  3. Autechre – artov chain
  4. Lisa Morgenstern – Levitation (Ben Lukas Boysen Remix)
  5. Quok – Lie
  6. Jan Amit x Eclise – In Torture
  7. Famitsu – Fever
  8. D-ther - Ripple
  9. Ascendant – Nostalgia for Infinity
  10. Germind – Factor Of Coincidence
  11. Siebzehn – A Different Sky
  12. Sky Technology - Be Like Water

Nibana Guest (France) mix:

  1. SeaMoon - Nebula
  2. Sephira - More Than Human (Slowed version)
  3. SeaMoon - Tricky Transients
  4. Nibana - Icarus Dream
  5. Suduaya - Astral Lullaby
  6. Mr Squatch - The Squatch Expands Life
  7. Ace Ventura - Brave New World
  8. Nibana - Through The Ard
  9. Entheogenic - Psychocosmic Parallelism
  10. Galaxy Drop - Hear Yourself
    Ambient, Ambient, Chill out, Filmic, Experemental, Psybient, Electronic, France, Chillgressive
    • Type: Podcast
    • Release Date: 05/29/2016 9:00 PM
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