We caught Peza soundtracking a beautifully sunny Saturday afternoon last September at the fantastic Festival No.6 and ever since then he's been on our hit list for a mix. Of course, we were already well aware of his super-cool edits on Authodiscotheque and A&R. If you've not heard his Human League re-interpretation; you simply aint dancing in the right places. Look out for a forthcoming remix of Tronik Youth's 'Splinter of the Mind's Eye' on Nein, and his next single 'Mekon' on Peter Herbert's Maxi Discs. Scottish folk could do worse than head to the Reading Rooms in Dundee on March 27th where Peza plays with Dicky Trisco and ALFOS. His mix for us is a beauty; very much the sound of where underground dance music is at in 2015 as far as we're concerned. Lock yourself in, Peza is at the controls...


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