Deep I Circles and Spheres I Landscape

Mon0's Voices from the Past #3


Mon0 focuses on deep electronic music in all its facets.
Having released several excellent albums on Kreislauf,
Test Tube, Silent Season , Sublime Porte and
Recycled Plastics, he has spent quite some time refining
his own special brand of deep ambient drones and
rhythmic pulsing techno.
In addition to his albums,
he is frequently releasing mixes and
podcasts on spiel:feld, hello strange,
deeptakt and now Circles & Spheres.


  1. Polar Inertia - Can we see well enough to move on
  2. Arak Craig - Fuse
  3. STL - The Dark Future
  4. Sebastian Zangar - Keys Open Doors
  5. DT-90 - C33
  6. mon0 - Forgotten Gods
  7. Ibot - Tunnel V
  8. Crispin - Roof 1.2
  9. Heavenchord - Through The Woods
    10.Zoltan Ban - Neap Tide
    11.Mentality H - Shift Away
    12.Second Encounter - Polar Shift
    13.Javi Green, Nemo Gauss - Living In A Doubt
    14.Roberto Figus - Gemma Cassiopea
    15.Graynoise - Europa II
    16.Anton Lanski - Almost Nobody
    17.Tip D'Oris and Spacebeat - Hypnotism


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    11:00   STL - The Dark Future
    14:40   Sebastian Zangar - Keys Open Doors
    40:20   Mentality H - Shift Away
    52:40   Various Artists - Gemma Cassiopea

    Dub Techno, Deep, Circles and Spheres, Mon0, Landscape, Podcast
    • Type: Podcast
    • Release Date: 2016-01-16
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