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Deep I Circles and Spheres I Landscape

Podcast #16 Dorian Gray


Dorian Gray (aka Moreno from Italy) takes his name from
the infamous Oscar Wilde character who trades his soul
for an eternal life of sinful debauchery.
Meanwhile Dorian Gray’s original beauty is captured
in an artist’s portrait where observers can see each
of his sins gradually disfiguring his once beautiful form.
And indeed the heady world of underground club music
can sometimes feel like this! The intensity of this dark
concept is expertly weaved into the deep techno sound of
Dorian Gray where Moreno keeps a strong focus on
meticulous ambient loops moving into hypnotic techno rhythms.
Moreno’s early influences hark back to the dark
electronic 80s new wave sound but there are also jazz
influences which have helped him coin the descriptive term of
“afro-futurist techno”. Production work aside,
Moreno firmly states that his first love is DJing where
he continues to push forward, proving his talent through
winning competitions and taking on
various booking across Europe.


  1. Hans Zimmer - Detach
  2. Steve Roach - Sentient Breath
  3. Maxime - Between The Light
  4. Agnosia - Vesselorama
  5. Dorian Gray - Il Richiamo ad Osiride
  6. Feral - Brahma
  7. Hydrangea - Ananké
  8. I.F.R. - EXP00E (Tawbaq Remix)
  9. Bebhionn - Magnetic Waves (Original Mix)
  10. Cio D'Or - Yotta
  11. Abdulla Rashim - Gizaw 2
  12. Tawbaq - Mordor
  13. Dorian Gray - Prima Esplorazione
  14. Dorian Gray - Compression
  15. Agnosia - No body, nobody
  16. Greyhead - Artificial Mind (Dorian Gray Remix)
  17. Dorian Gray - Akhenaton
  18. BLNDR - Fluid System (Original Mix)
  19. Vidna Obmana - Lost In The Swirling Distance
  20. Steve Roach & Vidna Obmana - The Current Below
  21. Cio D'Or - Off



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    0:00   Hans Zimmer - Detach
    5:00   Maxime - Between the Light
    10:40   FERAL - Brahma
    11:20   Feral - Brahma
    29:00   Tawbaq - Mordor
    37:40   Dorian Gray - Compression
    53:20   vidnaObmana - Lost in the swirling distance
    1:00:00   Cio D'or - Off
    1:02:00   Steve Roach & vidnaObmana - The Current Below

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    • Release Date: 2016-01-02
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