Profile description of Albano Dejardin (Chronotep):

Albano Dejardin (Chronotep) born in 1982 in Belgium has always had a weakness for music since his young age, it is from his 15 years that he falls in love with Techno discovering Dave Clarke, Jeff Mills, Technasia, Etc .., which were for him a real inspiration, a few years later he could mix on technics sl 1210 mk2 plates for a very long time but with the arrival of new technologies and once these last well completed it putTo the MP3.
As for the different techno styles, he likes to mix Tech-House, Techno, Dark Tech and Hard Tech.
In his eyes techno is much more than music, but a real means of inter-planet communication and real sharing.

    11:40   Sergy Casttle - Tecnosix
    32:00   Sergy Casttle - Empty Line
    48:00   Sergy Casttle - Snake
    50:20   Sergy Casttle - Alpha
    58:20   Sergy Casttle - Direct Hats
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