Wall Music wants to focus on putting out nice techno releases, from well known and established artists. It's about depth, atmosphere, far away from commerce and wealth. Mechanical sounds dominate the sound of Wall Music. It's about techno. Straight. without compromise. Among the artists of Wall Music, among other Octave, Jeff Rushin, Jam & Spoon, Mike Wall, Felix Lorusso, Kid Mistik, Tex-Rec, and more Among the remixers Heiko Laux, Brian Sanhaji, Perc, Luis Flores, Rocco Caine & Acensor and many more... We present you our second Compilation on Wall Music. 19 Powerful Tracks. Enjoy

    Chris Hearing, Wall Music, Techno, AK Lieder, AusserKontrolle, Mike Wall, Chris Liebing, Alhek, Coeter one, Daegon, Djoker, Felix Lorusso, Distale, Flex, Geoff Bell, Grieche, Ixel, Krenzlin, Liss C., Minuszwei, Remy Kruyer, Splatter, Yo Montero, Deh-Noizer
    • Version: original
    • Release Date: 2013-05-27
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