Welcome to the next part of Chris-A-Nova’s Psytrance sessions.
Today I’ll bring you some new and great tracks from my favorite Artists and Labels.
I hope you like, enjoy and maybe share it with your friends ;-).
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  1. Mandelbrot - New Reformed Church Of Blast (Tip)
  2. Magik, ShivaTree - Into The Chasm (Nano)
  3. Laughing Buddha, Lucas O' Brian - Revel with the Devil (Volcano On Mars Remix) (Sacred Technology)
  4. Lucas'o Brian, Dickster - Living Dangerously (Sandman Remix) (Future Music)
  5. NoFace - Liquid Snake (Sacred Technology)
  6. Astral Projection - Dancing Galaxy (Galactic Explorers Remix) (Sacred Technology)
  7. Relativ, Hypnocousticas - Final Frontier (Digital Om)
    8.Sandman - Living in the Now (Future Music)
  8. Sonic Species, Supermodule - Machines of the Stone Age (Tip)
  9. ShivaTree, Spinal Fusion - Bring it On (Tesseract)
  10. N-Kore - Bitter Sweet Psychedelic (Sabretooth Remix) (BMSS)
  11. Spirit Architect - Tunnel (Out Of Range Remix) (Dacru)
  12. 1200 Micrograms - Psychedelicious (Tip)

**All songs are copyright to rightful owners. All rights go to the Producers & Record Labels as mentioned in the track list above.

Background Artwork by Garik Barseghyan bit.ly/2O2t7Aw

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    Psytrance, Acid, Goa, Goatrance, Psychedelic, Trance, Lucas O Brian, Supermodule, Magik, Laughing Buddha, NoFace, Astral Projection, Sandman, Galactic Explorers, Sonic Species, Spinal Fusion, N-Kore, Sabretooth, Spirit Architect, Out Of Range, 1200 Micrograms, Raja Ram, Tip Records, Dacru Records, BMSS, Future Music Records, Digital Om Productions, Sacred Technology, Volcano On Mars, Shivatree
    • Type: DJ-Set
    • 145 bpm
    • Key: Gm
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