Welcome to the next part of Chris-A-Nova’s Psytrance sessions.
Today I’ll bring you some new and great tracks from my favorite Artists like Easy Riders, Modus, Pixel, Space Cat, GLO, Vertical Mode, Astrid, Vini Vici, Volcano, Shiva Tree, Faders, Mad Tribe, Alpha Portal, Astral Projection, Outsiders and a few more.
I hope you like, enjoy and maybe share it with your friends ;-).
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  1. Loud - Africa 101 - (Easy Riders Remix) (Iboga)
  2. Dekel - Magneto (Hom.Mega)
  3. Modus, Fender Bender, Genetrick, Sawlead Ground - Rise of the Jalapeno Cartel (Alien Rec.)
  4. Pixel, Space Cat - Nagata Nasata (Hom.Mega)
  5. GLO - Crank (Future Music)
  6. Vertical Mode - Radio Active (GMS Remix) (Hom.Mega)
  7. Vini Vice, Astrix - Adhana (Iboga)
  8. Volcano - Sonic Species, X-NoiZe - Future DMT (Sacred Technology)
  9. Volcano - Genetic Algorithm (Sacred Technology)
  10. Shivatree - The Source (Sacred Technology)
  11. Faders - Molecular Formulas (TechSafari)
  12. Mad Tribe, Alpha Portal - Sky High (Future Music)
  13. Astral Projection, Outsiders - Universal Language (TIP)

**All songs are copyright to rightful owners. All rights go to the Producers & Record Labels as mentioned in the track list above.

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    • 141 bpm
    • Key: Abm
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