Welcome to the next part of Chris-A-Nova’s Psytrance sessions.
Today I’ll bring you some new and great tracks from my favorite Artists like Shivatree, Faders, Vertical Mode, Starlab, Artificials, Outsiders, Imagine mars, Volcano and a few more.
I hope you like, enjoy and maybe share it with your friends ;-).
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  1. Shivatree - Awakening (Digital Om)
  2. Vertical Mode, Faders - Optical Illusion (Tech Safari)
  3. Fiction - Adaptation (Propheti)
  4. Lifeforms - Datura (Future Music)
  5. Burn In Noise - Time Travel (Earthspace Remix) (Sacred Technology)
  6. Faders, Wilder - Perfect Creation (Expo)
  7. Ital, Starlab - Sacred Medicine (Digital Om)
  8. Artificials - Faces (Future Music)
  9. Astral Projection - Mahadeva (Faders Remix)
  10. Outsiders, Hypnocoustics - Earthshine (Sacred Technology)
  11. Xerox, Volcano, Imagine Mars - Flying Saucers (Sacred Technology)
  12. Volcano - Our Thoughts (Sacred Technology)
  13. GLO - Exact Replica (Future Music)

**All songs are copyright to rightful owners. All rights go to the Producers & Record Labels as mentioned in the track list above.

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    0:00   Shivatree - Awakening

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