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DJ Style Show E06 S3 Hosted by DJ Style

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Link: djstyle.com/dj-style-show-e06-...ouse-you-direct
Styles: House, Breaks / Breakbeat / UK BassTech, House, Deep House, Progressive House


Track List!!

  1. DJ Style - Deep Inside Me (Original Mix)
    Buy Link: beatport.com/track/deep-inside...side-me/5548438
    Record Label: Rebel Eye

  2. Manu Loops - Keops (Original Mix)
    Buy Link: beatport.com/track/keops/16109903
    Record Label: White Rabbit's

  3. Nadia Lucy - Lies (Tech mix)
    Buy Link: beatport.com/track/lies/15060526
    Record Label: Koda Recordings

  4. Lenny Fontana, D-Train - Raise Your Hands (David Morales NYC Remix)
    Buy Link: beatport.com/track/raise-your-...r-hands/7117672
    Record Label: Karmic Power Records

  5. Basement Jaxx - Rendez-Vu (Jesse Garcia Club Mix)
    Buy Link: beatport.com/track/rendez-vu/9590253
    Record Label: Toolroom

  6. Ronnie Pacitti, Keirah Kirton- U Got That (Original Mix)
    Buy Link: beatport.com/track/u-got-that-...kirton/16063960
    Record Label: W&O Street Tracks

  7. Michael C., Jean Luc - African Theme (Original Mix)
    Buy Link: beatport.com/track/african-the...-theme/13364005
    Record Label: Audio Safari

  8. Laera - Maravilla (Extended Mix)
    Buy Link: beatport.com/track/maravilla/15927573
    Record Label: Fitting Room

  9. Norty Cotto - Lovin (Rework Remix)
    Buy Link: beatport.com/track/lovin/14447287
    Record Label: Cutting Traxx

  10. Fred H - From NYC With Love (Original Mix)
    Buy Link: beatport.com/track/from-nyc-wi...h-love/13956879
    Record Label: Brique Rouge

  11. Ingrid Chavez - Justify My Love (Charles Webster Midnight Mix)
    Buy Link: beatport.com/track/justify-my-...y-love/15403053
    Record Label: Ten Windows Records
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