hey you with the reading-lamp soul
i’m forgetting all the stories you’ve ever told
and yellowing paper is far more real than where we’ve been

hey you, are you pearl and lime?
does the sun ever kiss you to kill the time?
and did you lie awake alone last night?

hey you with your sorcerer’s soul
tell me all of the forces you thought i controlled
and when you realized you were wrong this time

look through, incandescent-eyed stare
does the keyhole leak in lost desire, and do you care?
and do these moments leave marks on tile?

how i will not wait for all you’ve seen
floating feathers taking hold of me

no bloodline, no bloodline
no doorway figures in nurturing time
no bloodline, no bloodline
when next it slips your mind

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    art rock, experimental rock, electropop, alternative, dancepop, pop, indiepop, calgary, canada, bedroomproducers
    • 120 bpm
    • Key: B
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