1st of 18 new tracks I've written for my new band project (and solo performances)...this is the solo version of 1 of the 2 slow ones, a polyrhythmic minimal dub reggae track with dubsteppy touches. The band version will have Stu Simper's more complex basslines running right through it, with Jake Bekwith's slinky jazzy lead guitar, Laurie Jones' excellent percussion, Oovamatique's cool-as-fuck ragga freestyling, and possibly some very rhythmical hip-hop style MCing from Rachel Fisher. All 18 tracks will be reggae/ska-based, some with dub beats, others with trip-hop, breakbeat, dubstep and d&b beats, with instrumental/vocal touches of techno, punk, blues, funk, rock and hip-hop...I'll upload each one after their final structures seem to have been decided in practices. The titles will be derived from the eventual lyrics...SUGGESTIONS FOR A BAND NAME PLEASE...IF WE CHOOSE YOURS, WE'LL REWARD YOU WITH FREEBIES (gig entry, album, t-shirt etc.).

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