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carlos hernandez (real name carlos heriberto hernandez) is a Dj who was born in santa ana el salvador in 1986, counting on 14 years was a young enthusiastic lover of music shared with his mother many successes of the moment of artists like yazoo michael jackson stevie wonder among others, when he was 8th grade in 1998 he listened to many local radio programs. filling himself with a lot of inspiration for the two years he spent acquiring and reaping the desire to train as a DJ in 2000 he told his mother who had accompanied him always listening to music that had the intention of learning the art of music within the synchronization of two songs, at that time his mother did not support him at all because she was not so sure that her son would take it as a profession. Then Carlos went to attend after school a cafe cyber count had some friends who participated in the youthful afternoons of a nearby nightclub, was when his friend the administrator of the cyber cafe asked him if he had his own music library in that Then what was the sound of the moment was urban music, it was when Carlos answered that he did not have his own music library, then it was when he received 50 tracks varied between them of Eiffel 65, Gigi D'Agostino, Prezioso among other artists , being rooted to his desire, he began to practice on his friend 's computer, even in the cafe cyber, for 6 months, approaching the month of August of the same year 00', one of the owners of the club near his city, Lic. Panameño, I used to frequent this cyber cafe, as did Rigoberto Leiva, who was a friend of some of the country's well-known DJs. On a certain day in the morning, in August, both of them met in cafe-ciber and approached me. where I used to practice on the computer and they asked me: are you a dj... and I answered yes, and they answered me: we want to listen to you ... seeing nervous about the proposal and fearful for not having the necessary experience, he answered shaking his lips, it's okay and he started and a set for 30 minutes, having heard the mixes and the talent he showed, suggested that he continue in the practice that was close to being ready to meet his new challenge.

2001 arrived in the month of March again visited the aforementioned cafe cyber Lic. Panameño and again asked him to make a new demonstration aproaching to perfection was when he offered to attend the club to celebrate youth afternoons said club was his house until 2003 having shared cabin with DJ Danny, Jonathan DJ, Fidel Castro, Emilio DJ, Alex Torres among others
Then in 2004 having acquired more experience, he received an invitation from another Club called Crono's Discotec where he resided the DJ national "Noise" where he was offered once a week to play as a DJ in that club, unfortunately for reasons unknown to the club is closed in mid-2006 even with Carlos exhibiting his talent until then in that club.

in 2007 forced to look for other clubs where they offered a better atmosphere he received another invitation to be part of the club recognized in the capital San Salvador, called Kairo's Discotec where he had the residence of Dj Jaime and Dj Danny his friend with the who had debuted in 2001, acquiring a great experience within said club in November of the same year 2007 he was offered his own residence in the legendary club Tio Sam Night Club where he was a resident until December 2009, when Carlos did not I waited, I received in his arms his first son was when for a moment Carlos separated from his passion for a long time.

in 2012 having many deficults and going through a tremendous family emotional transitions and parate of national sociology suddenly decided to stop... carlos stop what most loves music to devote himself to a common and current work.

In 2014, after a long personal analysis, Carlos began again to listen to high-level DJs such as Hernan Cattaneo, Sharam, Stephane K, Rick Pier O'Neil, Shasha, Lexicon Avenue, John Digweed and others. completely his DJ profile and 100% update all his music library and change the concept of Tech House / House to progressive and decide again to dabble on an ambitious scale begins to make a set made by him to all parties to many radios international,in 2017 Carlos Hernández has grown into the digital era, introducing his way with great style, vibrant energy and music that combines heavy rhythms with drums, bass strings and catchy melodies. This has led him to appear in many clubs and radio stations, until the date continues in the middle and has a residence in radios where he conducts, presents and makes his radio program.

    5:00   Ricardo Piedra - Sepilly - Hot TuneiK Remix
    29:40   Lanvary - Manticore - Youngen Remix
    37:40   Rick Pier O´neil - Twanged - RPO Part 1
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