• Keith Richards

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Hour 1
Serious Intention, You don’t know
Carl Anderson, Don’t make me wait
Fatback, Girls on my mind
52nd Street, Tell me how it feels
Sinnamon, Thanks to you
Next Movement, Lets work it out
Shannon, Sweet somebody
Staple Singers, Slippery people
Luther Vandross, I’ll let you slide
Hour 2
Al Jarreau, Trouble in paradise
Fifth of Heaven, Just a little more
Keni Burke, Never stop loving me
David Ruffin, Everything is coming up people
E’lan, Never gonna give you up
N’Cole, You’re gonna need this love
The Pasadenas, Tribute
Dianne Reeves, Sky island
William Devaughn, Crème de crème
Khemistry, Can you feel my love
Shakatak with Al Jarreau, Day by day
Hour 3
Dayton, Meet the man
Tony Rallo and the Midnite Band, Holdin’ on
Narada Michael Waldron, Tonight I’m alright
Temptations, The Jones’
Cerrone, Music of life
Lisa Stansfield, People hold on
A Way of Life, Trippin’ on your love
Alphonse Mouzon, I’m glad that you’re here
Johnny Hammond, Tell me what to do

    1:20   Oliver Cheatham - Get Down Saturday Night
    2:00   Serious Intention - You Don't Know
    9:00   Carl Anderson - Don't Make Me Wait
    14:40   The Fatback Band - Girls on My Mind
    23:00   52nd Street - Tell Me (How It Feels)
    28:20   Sinnamon - Thanks to You
    35:00   The Next Mouvement - Let's Work It Out
    37:40   The Next Movement - Let's Work It Out
    45:40   Various Artists - Slippery People
    50:20   Luther Vandross - I'll Let You Slide
    55:00   Al Jarreau - Trouble In Paradise
    1:04:00   Keni Burke - Never Stop Loving Me
    1:09:00   David Ruffin - Everything's Coming Up Love
    1:25:00   The Pasadenas - Tribute (Right On)
    1:30:20   Dianne Reeves - Sky Islands
    1:47:40   Shakatak - Day by Day
    1:53:00   Dayton - Meet The Man
    1:54:20   Dayton - Meet the Man
    2:05:00   Various Artists - Tonight I'm Alright
    2:08:00   Narada Michael Walden - Tonight I'm Alright
    2:09:00   Various Artists - Steppin Across The USA - The Jones
    2:09:40   The Temptations - The Jones
    2:15:00   Cerrone - Music Of Life
    2:28:20   Coldcut - People Hold On
    2:35:40   Alphonse Mouzon - Im Glad That Youre Here
    2:41:00   Johnny "Hammond" Smith - Tell Me What To Do

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