• Keith Richards

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Hour 1
Roy Ayres, Can you see me
Finis Henderson, Skip to my lou
Gwen McCrae, Keep the fires burning
Stone, Girl I like the way you move
Surface, Falling in love
Julius Brown, Never too late
Barbara Mason, Another man
Donald Byrd, Love has come around
Willie Hutch, In and out
Hour 2
Teena Marie, Portuguese love
Sheree Brown, Got to get away
Gene Dunlop, It’s just the way I feel
Commodores, Zoom
AB’s, Déjà vu
Leon Ware, Why I came to California
Leon Ware, Inside is love
Leon Ware, What’s your name
Leon Ware, Rockin’ you eternally
Freda Payne, Can’t wait
Stanley Clark, Heaven sent you
Hour 3
First Choice, Double cross
Instant Funk, got my mind made up
Herbie Hancock, I thought it was you
Trussel, Love injection
Ripple, The beat goes on
El Coco, Let’s get it together
The Salsoul Orchestra, Runaway
First Choice, Dr Love
Johnny “Guitar” Watson, I need it

    1:20   Oliver Cheatham - Get Down Saturday Night
    2:00   Roy Ayers - Can't You See Me
    8:20   Finis Henderson - Skip to My Lou
    14:40   Gwen McCrae - Keep The Fire Burning (Remastered Album Version)
    18:20   Gwen McCrae - Keep the Fire Burning
    19:00   Gwen McCrae - Keep The Fire Burning
    19:40   Stone - Girl I Like the Way That You Move
    26:20   Surface - Falling in Love
    34:00   Julius Brown - Never Too Late
    38:20   Barbara Mason - Another Man
    45:00   Various Artists - Love Has Come Around
    49:00   Donald Byrd - Love Has Come Around
    54:20   Willie Hutch - In And Out
    56:00   Teena Marie - Portuguese Love
    1:07:40   Gene Dunlap - It's Just Way I Feel
    1:10:20   Gene Dunlap - It's Just the Way I Feel
    1:12:00   Commodores - Zoom
    1:18:40   AB'S - Deja Vu
    1:24:40   Leon Ware - Why I Came To California
    1:28:40   Leon Ware - Inside Your Love
    1:33:00   Leon Ware - What's Your Name
    1:37:20   Leon Ware - Rockin' You Eternally
    1:41:40   Roads-Art Productions - Cant Wait
    1:49:00   Stanley Clarke - Heaven Sent You (Extended Album Mix) - remix
    1:50:00   Stanley Clarke - Heaven Sent You
    1:57:00   First Choice - Double Cross
    1:57:40   Instant Funk - I Got My Mind Made Up
    2:05:20   Herbie Hancock - I Thought It Was You
    2:14:00   Trussel - Love Injection
    2:21:20   Ripple - The Beat Goes On & On
    2:28:00   El Coco - Let's Get It Together
    2:32:40   The Salsoul Orchestra - Runaway
    2:37:40   First Choice - DR. Love
    2:40:00   First Choice - Doctor Love
    2:43:00   Johnny Guitar Watson - I Need It

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