• Keith Richards

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Hour 1
Delegation, It’s your turn
Aretha Franklin, Jump to it
Jenny Burton, Bad habits
Paul Simpson Connection, Treat her sweeter
Champaign, Off and on love
BB&Q Band, Time for love
Bennie Braxton, Come to me
Glen Goldsmith, Dreaming
Tom Browne, Rockin’ radio
Hour 2
Persuaders, Two women
Alicia Myers, When love starts to go
Status IV, Lovin’ you
Stephanie Mills, Two hearts
Joanna Gardner, Special feelings
Switch, Keeping secrets
Frederick, Games
M’Lady, Baby you lied
Love Unlimited Orchestra, Move me no mountain
Matt Covington, We got one
Gwen McCrae, I can only thing of you
Sonny Charles, Put it in a magazine
Hour 3
Celi Bee and the Buzzy Bunch, One love
Don Downing, Dr Boogie
Rainbow Brown, Till you surrender
First Choice, The player (m&m)
Sharon Redd, Beat the street
Kleeer, Keep your body workin’
Nairobi, Soul makossa
Love Unlimited Orchestra, Bayou
Alphonse Mouzon, I’m glad that you’re here

    1:20   Oliver Cheatham - Get Down Saturday Night
    2:00   Delegation - It's Your Turn
    9:20   Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots
    10:20   Aretha Franklin - Jump To It
    14:00   Aretha Franklin - Jump to It
    15:00   Jenny Burton - Bad Habits (12 Inch Mix)
    20:40   Paul Simpson Connection - Treat Her Sweeter
    27:40   Champaign - Off and On Love
    31:40   B.B.&Q. Band - Time for Love
    44:00   群星 - Dreaming
    49:00   Tom Browne - Rockin' Radio
    1:10:40   Stephanie Mills - Two Hearts
    1:15:20   Joanna Gardner - Special Feelings
    1:22:20   Switch - Keeping Secrets (Ashley Beedle Re-edit)
    1:34:00   Assassin - Enfant de la balle
    1:34:40   Love Unlimited - Move Me No Mountain
    1:37:20   Matt Covington - We Got One
    1:42:20   Gwen McCrae - I Can Only Think of You
    1:50:00   Celi Bee - One Love
    1:58:20   Don Browning - Doctor Boogie
    2:02:40   Rainbow Brown - Till You Surrender
    2:15:40   First Choice - The Player
    2:16:20   Sharon Redd - Beat the Street
    2:22:20   Kleeer - Keep Your Body Workin'
    2:29:20   Roberto Firpo - La Murra
    2:35:00   The Love Unlimited Orchestra - Bayou
    2:40:20   Alphonse Mouzon - Im Glad That Youre Here

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