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Long after America declared that disco was dead it was still going strong in Melbourne, Australia. where a young impressionable mind began soaking up everything disco had to offer. Butch le Butch was born in a world where disco records were plentiful and the making of record/pause mix tapes was king.

After early forays into Melbourne's house music scene where Butch cut his teeth playing at various clubs he found himself gravitating to house music that was arm in arm with his disco roots. From deep throbbing bass lines to soaring string filled moments of ecstasy. If the song was respectful to it's disco roots it was right at home in Butch's sets.

It wasn't long before he turned his hand to remixing and re-editing where, along with producing tracks of his own, he reworked tracks by disco legends such as MFSB, The Trammps, Chic & Stephanie Mills as well as highly popular re-takes of tracks by Dolly Parton, Madonna and The Jacksons.

With a penchant for all things disco from the serious to the senseless (especially disco tinged tracks that were only ever popular in Australia) Butch's sets are never the same, packed full of long forgotten gems and dared to be played boogie monsters.

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    • Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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