West Yorkshire beat gangsters. Techno. Keeping it real.

Picture a Sunday morning after a night out, the pair formerly known as ded|badger are in need of a new name to fit their newfound love of Techno, sitting in the park soaking up the sun and some mind-bending chemicals... Refreshments are needed, a decision is made: a trip to the shop is required.

The News of the World newspaper proudly displays it's latest headline: KOP STARS IN HORROR BRAWL

"That's it!" they exclaim "Horror Brawl, that's our new name!"

Caught up in the excitement of, in their own words, a "militant" new name, and eager to get back in the studio to rock out a new mix that will start the next phase in their musical journey they barrel up the counter, arms full of fizzy drinks and sugary treats only to discover neither of them has brought money with them. The shop keeper is very understanding, eager to get rid of these two exuberant chaps who are stomping around his shop shouting "militant" he agrees to keep their treats to the side while the boys return home to grab the much-needed cash.

That little tale occurred after about 4 or 5 years, now 18 years on and somehow, during all the chaos, they have managed to hold various residencies in their home town of Leeds including the legendary techno night Detached, started two respected labels: Digital Distortions and it's now-defunct offshoot: Limetree Projects and 2 podcasts: BRAWLcast , for the darker electronic genres and Kitchen Spasm for more house based flavours where they produce mixes under the name MxK.

Contact & Info;
Bushby @hrrrbrwl
Mallory @neilmallory
Digital Distortions @digital-distortions

Bookings: horrorbrawl@digitaldistortions.co.uk

Blawan - Rain [Ternesc]
Chontane - Nam [Rekids Special Projects]
Tommy Holohan - PC Fila 90 [Rave Selekts]
Impurity - In My Mind [Of Paradise]
Casper Hastings - Bionic [Rave Selekts]
Lag - Sama Doma [Mord]
Leafeater - Hoodwink [Sticky Ground]
Clouds - Those Cracks In Your Face Do They Hurt [Turbo]
J Tijn - Fucklebucks [Pennyroyal]
Brad Lee - Drag Car [Mona Records]
Jokasti & Nek - How Low [Mord]
Dave Tarrida - Moral Panic [RIOT Radio Records]
Dave Tarrida - Infliction [RIOT Radio Records]
Jerome Hill - Storm [RIOT Radio Records]
Fear-E - Ricochet [Fear-E]
Wevie Stonder - Ton Wah (Jerome Hill Remix) [Don't]
Ruslan Beloborodov - Canada [Raw Russian]
The Chemical Brothers - Flashback [Freestyle Dust]
Flore - Coded Language (3Phaz Remix) [Polaar]
Six Sigma - Haad Rin Collider [Digital Distortions]
Ghetto 25 ft. Paul Johnson - Besançon Rythmique Club (Hard Twerk Mix) [Bescancon Rhythmique Club]
Pfirter - Void [Mord]
Stanislav Tolkachev - Everything Ends [Semantica Records]
Pfirter - You Surround Me [Mord]
Robert Kocinszky - 0---32 (Kernic Remix) [Sticky Ground]
Arnaud Le Texier - Process [inSilentSeries]
Hadone - Your Vision [Taapion]
Swarm Intelligence - Murmur [47]
Dave Sandison - Tek That and Perty [Tekno Value]
Blacknecks - Untitled 3 [Blacknecks]
Fundamental Knowledge - 1994-21 (2019 Version by Fadi Mohem) [Seilscheibenpfeiler Schallplatten]
Hypnoskull - Mech.Ind (Surgeon Remix) [Repitch]
Tell Her - Meadow [Death Bunker]
Tell Her - Occur [Death Bunker]
RVDE - Ruutwik [Intellighenzia Electronica Records]
ceili - Not A Fear Of It (Hadone Remix) [Obscuur Records]
Unknown Artist - BTCHZ (303) [Continuum Series]

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    Savage Sundays, Techno, Industrial, HorrorBrawl
    • Type: DJ-Set
    • 134 bpm
    • Key: Gm
    • Leeds, United Kingdom
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