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Production: Masked Man

Bradster X

Flow contagious
So heinous
Broke and dangerous
Keep shit
Enclosed like no anus
Changin' how I write
In my notebook pages
You know I'm goin' places
Though no goal to go famous

So patient
Word placement
Quotes wrote wasted
Keep shit, clever but never basic
Hated day 'n' night
But I quite like hatred
You know I'm flowin' aces
Though I'm oh so faded

Made a lot of mistakes
No regrets though
Room filled with weed
And cigarette smoke
Headphones on, all day
It's the dress code
Recluse raised
By the television set no
Goals for the future
Never thought ahead
So I built up debt
Money gone like "Presto!"
Try to stay in line
Like a breast stroke
Tend to fall, off course
When I'm forced in Depeche Mode

Jimmy Shredder:
Weed smoke shoots out
When my breath blow
Got the best flow
You can ask all the rest know
Kinda hit rock bottom for a bit when I split
But life couldn't connect with the death blow
Presto I'm back in magician like
Used to be the bitchin type
Now I'm seeing things with a different sight
I quit rappin' an disappeared like a missin flight
Now I'm back at it and antsy cause I been sittin tight
I'm puffin green poppin blues and sniffin white
Tryna find a balance in my mind an rhyme sick an write
Nice guys finish last and life isn't right
So I'm back on my savage shit I'm probably lit tonight
Ima step in the booth an rip the mic-
Cord in half an smash the glass with half a flask of Jack an laugh an act a bastard
I'm back with Bradster smacking cats with packs of crackers
Stashed a fat sack wrapped in backwoods
Time to scratch the past and trash the scrap books
Got a stack of tracks to smack a wack bitch
Master blasters back with gas and match sticks
...Grab the caskets!

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