Made throughout the week, second verse was done an hour ago on 7/13/17. Coop with the hook, he is a machine, I'm tellin' ya! Prod. DAGA Beatmaker

When the fog sets you can bet, I'm a blazer
Hat tipped low, move slow like Undertaker
I don't understand like a bad translator
How you judge my behavior by some government papers
Do yourself a favor, say a prayer for yourself, later
I'll be on the top layer, you'll be on welfare
...I'm hungry and I'm starving
Spaced out, smokin' weed 'cause it's calming
Chased out most my demons, we left even Stevens
And I don't wanna breach the agreemement
Always schemin' when I bring my team in
Got my girl lookin' like a squirrel meanin' she's retainin' se-men
Like nuts, cheeks full , puffin' out
Don't wear a condom or pull nothin' out
Keep it comin' like school lettin' out
You can bet your last cow that your girl wants it now

Hey, say what you wanna say
'Cause I'mma keep dreaming
Open my eyes, see what's up today
I'mma keep believin'
All of my dreams keep escapin' me
But I'mma keep breathin'
And when I'm in the ground and finally free
I'll escape these demons
You can say it any kind of way
But I'mma keep dreaming

Try to stay clean, tend to get muddy
Last time I lent money, funny, things got ugly
Never got the cash back said she would have that
call me Billy Corgan, pumpkin', I smashed that
...Still waitin' on my acid flashbacks
Heard they occur but never, have I felt that
Clever with the boom bap you already knew that
It's true, overdue, Brad's back with a new track
...Called the troupe, got the crew back
Hits like McCutchen but withdrew from the doo rag
Try to push through so I can prove that
You don't make fate, you can choose that
Make sure you don't abuse that, karma will use that
Worst case a-comin', you should never assume that
I will conclude that... you can say what you want
I'll never put up a front, bring the loop back

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