...This is a tale of a junkie...I am not ashamed of my past because I will not relive it.

Verse 1 and hook - Bradster X:


Verse 2 and hook - Coop:


Produced by: Shawn Lion - Vinny & Spalniy


Bradster X:

Steep hill
Close to poppin' three pills
Knees weak, can't speak
Can't eat, I feel chills
Don't wanna use
But I obviously still will
Constantly cops watchin' me
They need a chill pill
Bumpin' Ill Bill,
Hide and duck, dividin' up
Lines like Monopoly bills
In my buddy's truck
Talkin' aliens
Hoverin' above and stuff
And how at any time they just might
Come at night to study us
I'm a lucky fuck
Still breathin'
Imagination runamuck
Refill dream believin'
Speakin' on behalf
Of a ton of us
Dummies drugged up
Killin' ourselves
In hell pill feedin'
I said I was done with it
I can't get, enough of the rush
Can't help, I'm in love with it
Every pill I crush to bits
Sniff with, dollars bills
Always broke as shit
When I nod I think
Noone notices
But I often drink
So they think that's it
But I'm high as shit
Usin' needles so people
Often judgin' it
But I'm used to it

Bradster X & Coop -

Shootin' up
Shootin' up
Shootin' up

Noddin' off
Noddin' off
Noddin' off

Coop -

Addiction takin' over me
I can't explain the cravings
Clouding up my memory
Brutally involved with
This touchey subject
I can't get off it
Everytime I say I'm done
I'm goin' back, I tend to forfeit
The feeling's just too good
Always need a little more of it
Bleeding misunderstood
It keeps pullin' me in
I'm afraid of it
I'm ashamed of it
Body's decaying from it
It takes a part of me
Every last bit
Noddin' out now, I'm goin' thrown
Down a dark road
Never pay back what I borrowed
Facin' the facts so sorrow
Chasin' this, I scan the scene
Like a barcode
Enclosed in the bathroom
Needles like harpoons
I'm a junkie!

    Hip Hop
    • Type: Original
    • Release Date: 12/03/2017 3:13 PM
    • 143 bpm
    • Key: Ebm
    • Pittsburgh, PA, United States
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