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Boule Boire-Aime tu la vie comme moi
Will Sessions+Amp Fiddler-Lost without you
Knox feat/vedette Souluvn Williams-Turn it up
The Spinners-It's a shame
Ed the Red+Ania+Mister Cotton-Summer is the coldest season(Nigel Lowis Remix)
Keni Stevens-Sweeter than love
Jimmy Gallagher +The soul City Orchestra-Philly nights(Nigel Lowis Mix)
Jean Louis Murat-Le train bleu
Mary J Blidge-Before i let you go(smooth groove mix)
SEL-Flowered tears
jon Jon-Girlfriend
Lenny Fontana+DTRAIN-When you feel what love has
T-Groove(feat/vedette Diane Marsh)-Everybody dance
Gina Carey-Dance(Tom Moulton remix)
Ashanti Munir-So Smooth(Colin Watson remix)
Vince Broomfield-Jubilation(promo released/disponible 17 Apr/Avril)
Nanette Workman-Ce soir ont m'invitent
Hannah White-Roma(Nigel Lowis mix)
Rag'N Bone Man-Arrow
Diane tell-Je suis en amour
Valectra-It's my soul
The J Geils Band-Give it to me(mk diversirt tchoune/tchoune diversitee mk)
The Temptations-Ready willing and able
Paula Letang-Too hot
Enois Scroggins-Uncul remus
Shirley Hornes-Quietly there

    1:40   Boule Noire - Aimes-tu la vie
    2:40   Boule Noire - Aimes-tu la vie comme moi
    5:40   Will Sessions & Amp Fiddler - Lost Without You
    9:40   Knox feat. Dawn Soulovn Williams - Turn It Up - Knox & Wozniak Mix
    18:20   The Spinners - It's A Shame
    24:40   Lulu - Independence
    30:20   Ed The Red - Summer Is the Coldest Season
    40:20   Tuxedo - Special
    50:40   Alisha Glover - Brother, Sister
    1:02:00   Jean-Louis Murat - Le Train Bleu
    1:09:00   Mary J. Blige - Before I Let Go
    1:21:20   Jon Jon - Girlfriend
    1:26:20   Lenny Fontana - When You Feel What Love Has
    1:35:20   The Sophisticated Funk - Move Your Body ( Part 1 )
    1:49:00   Afrika Bambaataa - Very Special
    2:07:40   Nanette Workman - Ce soir on m'invite
    2:26:20   Rag'n'Bone Man - Arrow
    2:31:40   Diane Tell - Je suis en amour
    2:38:00   Valectra - It's My Soul
    2:43:20   The J. Geils Band - Give It To Me (LP版)
    2:50:00   The Temptations - Ready Willing And Able
    2:52:40   Paula Letang - Too Hot
    2:54:20   Enois Scroggins - Uncle Remus
    2:57:20   Shirley Horn - Quietly There

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