Flippers n’ all x

Ello lovely fumans x

So.. recently the fish has been dropping some hiphip melody beats that have always had someone ask…
’whats this?’

Should a music playing fish devulge too many secret hiphip melody beats for fumans, thus preventing world domination … x too late, he’s done it x

Some crudely (hey! I’m a fish!) beatmatched / blended & faded fish favourites of the big rooster himself x

It’s the rooster I tell um! ‘huh’ they reply! well ... here he is, some favourites of the fish and pond and others it would appear!
Contains fish favourites from all albums, includes all breaks the fish uses x big loves the rooster x

Never before has a rooster been soo popular with non-chicken folks x

You really must pop over and see the rooster and introduce yourself, his coop can be located here;


hopefully he will allow dl’s to be opened x

Anyhoo, hope you enjoy as much as we do, big loves, hip bumps and flippers up x

oh, big loves to 'rooster fish brewery' for the use of the picture x thought apt ... the rooster he flippin loves the beer x

Track-listings for the fumans dem x

Writer by night
Scotch on a yacht
Hazel part two
Smoke break
Point pleasant
Three am
Split decision
The celebration song
prison riot
Four walls and an amplifier
The good times
The legend of the bear
Diamond in the rough
The waiting game
The beast in the basement
September 22nd
Thats all
The way it goes
The preacher
Angels landing
Fax machine
Bacon, egg and cheese
So in love
Owl farm
Joy she brings
Way of life
Crossing paths
Bang bang
A night in Vegas
Ferris wheel
Sand island
The night is young
Postcade from Budapest
The look
Friday night
Businessman dave
Reading Rambo
Water of life

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