Well hello there x hehe x
Flippers n’ all
This fish hopes all is well with all ? And you’re surviving !? x
In an effort to continue to spree the ‘big loves x’ - the fish made this with flippers - on Friday 21st for the pond folks - and the mega B’day peoples ‘ - wow - too many to mention, but a special mentions to;
Az lad - big loves x
Sir Ian Gibson - big loves Sir et al x
Lawless Su - big loves and safe travels x
The pond massive and this dude who was getting bullied - pity it come to this -
In the word of Rakim “it shouldn’t take death (or the threat of it!) to appreciate life” .
Anyhoo - here for the peoples who where not able to be & the pond x
The fish’s - thats how they work x mix 2020 x
Its a bit of a mixed bag and I wanted to have some oldies in there but also was aware that Sit Ian is not necessarily into the beats! And I wanting something that would, as always hopefully trigger some emotions in anyone - so some oldies but oldies in here
Kk - hope you enjoy x - as always, big loves, hipbumps n’ flippers up to all
Hey folks’ - if you’re feeling the loves? & could spare some change for fish foods - please drop them in the fish hat here;
Big loves, thank you & bless up fumans’
Till next time - stay lovely, lucky and well
BF x

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    • 114 bpm
    • Key: Gm
    • Stockport, Cheshire Manchester n' Somerset on occasion x
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