• 23/11/17 now with fish mix-down x hope you enjoy x hey peoples' please remember you can feed the fish either by donating on the SC front page link or go over to hearths.at and dl a fish adventure to keep in original upload or 320kps minimum formats' x big loves y'all x
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ello peoples'
flippers n' all
sorry for the delay folks' but I have also completed a stand alone mash as it seemed popular x & ... hey I'm a fish!
here is another hour...a freezy one' x brrrrr for fish adventures in sounds for fuman boogie funs x
this one is from yesterday, Sunday 5th November x happy holidays'
as always, big loves, hip bumps n' flippers up
oh big loves to Nintendo for the use of the ice flower pic x & all the artists' for the fish boogie foods x awesome x
ohh, this fish still needs some work fumans, if you hear of some please let the fish know x as mentioned fish can be used for many on land duties x
alternatively, you can support the fish by donating x here x please use the link on front page or... by popping over to hearths.at and download all fish adventures in 320 and/or original uploaded quality. to keep x lol x
x anyhoo x big loves yall, hope you enjoy x

    27:40   Tom Misch - Wander With Me
    30:00   Tom Misch - Home
    49:20   Tom Misch - Your Love
    54:00   DJ Format - We're Back - DJ Supreme Remix
    1:11:20   DJ Format - Diamond Hammer - Featurecast Remix
    1:14:20   Soopasoul - Brand Nu

    big loves x, big loves x, fish, pond, ohana, big loves for the many...not the few x, marc rae, deer lick, dj format, hiphoppapotamas, al lindrum, in control, gin schiller, thunderball, see i, tom misch, carmody, Mustafa akbar, psychmagik, Richard norris, beat la juice, Alexa
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