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Hey friends,

here you can listen to some of my favorite tracks, which I have played in 2016.
Thank you all for listening and your support.
Enjoy this bonus part and have a great 2017.

Best greetings


BassTi M - Deep Harmony (Original Mix)
Kanee Strahlenversatz - Balkonkind Remix
Joe Kendut - H725 (Alessandro Spaiani Remix)
ReneHell - Souleater (Kai Pattenberg Remix)
Ruvick L - Spiral to darkness (Original Mix)
Mindbend - Psychosis (Original Mix)
ItuS, Santiago Ciapuscio - Sonambulo (Original Mix)
DJ Ogi - Deathstar (Dj Scale Ripper Remix)
Claas Herrmann - Liquid (Original Mix)
Andre Rauer - Mahnung (Original Mix)
Alex Bau - Attak (Original Mix)
Teoss, Rich Bennet - Fly Back (Original Mix)
Samuel L Session - Acetate (Original Mix)
N.O.B.A - Ping Pong
Drzneday - Soul Trap (Loic Lozano,C Buss Remix)
Dope Hex - In the Small Place
Ascon Bates - Unterhaching (Just for Us Remix)
Alekk - Mr Meniere
Subjected - MM (Original Mix)
Sandro Galli - Muay Thai (Mozzy Remix)
Lunatique Sublime - Global Access (Original Mix)
Jois Audino - The Fermi Paradox (Original Mix)
Gedevaan - The Youth Talk to Me
Filipe Barbosa - Fountain (Original Mix)



    0:20   BassTi M - Deep Harmony
    10:40   ReneHell - Souleater
    15:00   Mindbend - Psychosis
    19:00   Itus - Sonambulo
    24:40   Claas Herrmann - Liquid
    28:20   Andre Rauer - Mahnung
    40:20   Samuel L Session - Acetate
    43:20   N.O.B.A - Ping Pong
    47:00   Drzneday - Soul Trap
    51:00   Dope Hex - In the Small Place
    58:00   Alekk - Mr Meniere
    1:02:40   Subjected - MM
    1:12:40   Gedevaan - The Youth Talk To Me
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