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Being cautious about yourself all the time is not a bad thing. Adjusting your goals and hardworking for them is part of life.

Going fast-forward, taking one step at a time while doing so, analyzing the difficulties of your tasks, and your capabilities of doing them require self-awareness and consciousness at the same time.

But how will you achieve these essential human traits at a time?

Here, self-Awareness is an interesting human behavior pattern. It is the ability to think about yourself.

To protect yourself from the bad crowd, wrong decisions, and the ability to be true to yourself, consciousness can help you resolve all these problems.

Nowadays, information is the most precious resource in the world. Computer and electronic databases can store a massive amount of info, but the first stored knowledge was library, books, and parchments.

The first true library was the library of Alexandria, founded in Egypt. The reason for giving you this information is, books were essential for humans from the beginning of civilization.

After god, parents, pets, and family may be books are your best friends.

So, to learn more about self-awareness and remove your dullness in this Corona outbreak below we have given some best books on self-awareness and the best books on self-management.

These books will make you independent and cheer you up. For more self-awareness books you can have a visit on Amazon.

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