Bodo Felusch - Retrospective - 1990-1999 Techno & House Classics


Mixed with love and passion and a pair of MK2´s in september 2017

Have you ever tried to pick your top ten of 90th techno and house classics?
Trying to do so ended up in a miserable failure for Bodo Felusch.
Prefering 10 tracks which were made in the decade of the most evolving times for Techno and House music is just not possible. For Bodo Felusch it would be hard to pick just 10 styles which names were also invented in the same decade.
There is just too much good and different music in the world and in his collection.

The challange ended up with a finest selection of 100 tunes that were released between 1990 and 1999.
Each of the different styles he picked could go on for hours and did whenever Bodo was playing the days back in the 90th.
The emotional process of selecting the „final“ tracks took a couple of weeks and at the end it succeed in a monster mix of almost 9 hours!

Let´s say it is a personal top 100 pick for a decade of great music ignoring the borders of different styles.
At the end it is all techno and house made to dance!

In remembrance of all the lovely tracks that have unfortunately not been picked.

„when the music is loud it takes over your body and it just takes you to a whole other place“

PN: just one more track before I quit :-)


Hell yeah it is a 9 hours megamix and the filesize may blow your computer.
This masterpiece is available for download as:

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PN: sorry no free download for this one in love and respect for the old times! …keep the specials, special and grab this exclusive masterpiece for a reasonable price of 1€ per hour

It was 1994. I was playing in a club and recorded the set with a local tape deck in the DJ booth.
I wanted the tape recording for listening to it later and identify some issues to improove my mixing skills.
A guy who was dancing like hell came to the DJ booth at the end of the set and saw me picking up the tape from the recorder. He asked me if he could have the tape and I sayed “no sorry it is just for me” He replied “what do you want with the tape you own all the records” I tried to explain that I need it for working on my skills.
The guy sayed “hey man your skills are awesome and you own all the records, but for me this night was something very very special, you have blasted me to a hole other planet with your music ….please please please sell me the tape!”
I sayed “what will you pay?” He sayed 20,- DM. …that was my first tape I have sold and from that day on I always had some tapes in my record case.

If you like to download this retrospective monster mix of 9 hours,
please buy the download here at ...there is a button for it below the play button. It will forward you to paypal and after the checkout you will get a direct download link for the MP3-320kbps version (1,26GB!!!). If you want the CD or Hi-Res quality version please buy the MP3 version here first and forward me your purchase mail with a request. I will reply with the links.
...enjoy listening

FREE DOWNLOAD Evosonic Radioshow Horchposten #12 FINAL Classic Special mit Barbaros
Hier die Hintergründe zu diesem Projekt in einer Evosonic Radiosendung

In dieser finalen Horchposten Episode geht es um die „gute alte Zeit“.
Barbaros und Bodo haben jeweils einen Mix ihrer persönlichen „Classics“ zwischen 1990 und 1999 gemacht.
Barbaros sein Mix ist eine perfekt vorbereitete Stunde, Bodos Mix ist fast 9 Stunden lang geworden und würde in voller Länge jede Sendung sprengen.
Ihr hört in dieser Horchpostenfolge jeweils eine Stunde der Mixe und eine spannende Unterhaltung über die gute alte Zeit.

Barbaros Classics Mix aus dem Horchposten #12 - MUSIC ONLY ...Download ohne Gelaber:


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    Techno, House, Classics
    • Type: DJ-Set
    • 1024 bpm
    • Key: CDEFGAHC
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