Profile description of Blackleg:

Blackleg -A Polish Bass dj and producer. His Adventure with music started when the first computer arrived home. Educated on sounds of J.M.Jarre, Vangelis, M.Bilinski'ego he loved electronic music. In 1997 he had the first contact with club music. In 1998 he heard drum'n'bass and he definitely loved that sound. He started to make his first productions on immortal FastTracker. In 2001 he joined "Made in Poland" -a contest of young Polish d'n'b producers, organized by legendary crew Sonic Trip. His track "Life Arena" was in first 10. Year later - the second edition of "Made In Poland" - his track "Monolith" was in the finals. Blackleg appears also in the official compilation "1st Selection of Made In Poland". He was the founder of Polish drum'n'bass crew Partizans. Later he began to explore other types of bass music. In 2007 he started to make dubstep music which resulted in a contract with the Californian label SubPressure. Bass Is A Must !!

    Love Makes Alive (Original Mix) - Brothers In Arts, FabioEsse
    Lady (Original Mix) - Omson
    In The Night (Original Mix) - DJ Stephen
    Discord (Original Mix) - Raffael Gaudino
    Left Leg Dance (Original Mix) - Filta
    Power Of Love (Original Mix) - Terry Lex & Lissat
    Wid da Muzik (Original Mix) - Oggie B
    Musala (Original Mix) - Alex Tarnovski
    Too Much Love (Original Mix) - Hazzaro
    Deep In My Soul (Original Mix) - Lizzie Curious
    Funk You Up (Original Mix) - Paco Caniza
    Stopping (Original Mix) - Paco Caniza
    What I Feel (Original Mix) - Midnight City
    Paradiso (Original Mix) - Superlover & Baum
    Wrong Track (Original Mix) - Simioli, Quantek
    90s Run (Dilby Remix) - Collective Machine
    Gel (Main Mix) (Original Mix) - Tee eS Tee
    Seein' U (feat. Thomas Barnett) (Taho Remix) - Matt Sugar R & Thomas Barnett
    What You Do (Original Mix) - Street Choice
    YAH (Original Mix) - Elliot Fitch
    Welcome To Motoland (Original Mix) - 2 Motos Jackers
    Jailhouse Funk (Original Mix) - Makito
    Let There Be House (Original Mix) - Zoo Brazil Ft. Roland Clark
    Big Cup (Original Mix) - Filta
    Get High (Extended Mix) - Juarez
    Always There (Zeleke Remix) - Monkey Wrench
    Beatch (Original Mix) - Sal'm Raisov
    Check This (Jackin Dub Mix) - Franko Ferreri
    Over The World (Original Mix) - Gangs of Naples
    Hey Mr DJ (Freiboitar Remix) - In It Together feat Alimish
    Fooled (Original Mix) - Jon Casablanca
    Out The Hood (Original Mix) - Makito
    Supreme Sax (Enrico BSJ Ferrari Remix) - Maurid

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