This my second collaboration with the incredible Agitation Phi, AKA bass lioness and all round musical catalyst.

Invited to put some guitar down on a 30 minute long track of bass drums and electronica, I baulked at first, and then - after a few days - bit the bullet.
So this morning, picking up my Revelation four pick up Jaguar [through the Kaoss pad], and my Gibson Les Paul, I set to work on the whole 30 mins.
Then, as befits a real collaboration, Phi stepped in once more; this time as Arranger.
We then cut it down, and got this usable piece which is still long at 14 mins.
Let the dust settle ... yes, we have something here ... that guitar solo is one of a kind, and listen how Phi slips into Raga on the fade out ...

Agitation Phi, Rickenbacker bass, beats and electronica.
Bill Boethius, Guitars, Kaoss pad, production.

Our previous collab:

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