A collaboration with Lyn Kalley Ingram

The original song is here:

Lyn Kalley Ingram; vocals
Bill Boethius; guitar, bass and drums

Song written by Lyn Kalley Ingram

Mama died when I was ten.
Daddy held her till the end,
I heard him cry all through the night.
And, slip away at mornings light.

Yes, mama died when I was ten.
She left my dad a broken man.
I heard him cry all through the night.
He slipped away at mornings light.

Oh, Mama died when I was ten.
She took my daddy with her then.
Father Time could never mend.
My despair when I was ten.

Produced by Bill Boethius.

Another lyric from Lyn that intrigued me.

Ten is such an important age; it is when we have some of our first fully formed memories that stay with us our whole lives.

So to experience great tragedy at that age is even more traumatic.
Or then again, perhaps we are better able to absorb and incorporate great tragedy at that age.

See in the song that the father is not able to cope with the tragedy of the death of his wife and so dies shortly afterwards.

But the child in the song, faced with the death of not one, but both of its parents, is able to live on and make sense of the event in a song.

A song almost sung from the perspective of its own parents, suggested by the introduction of Father Time.

The metal sounding guitars on this is mainly my Dean, with my Rockster for whammy bar action.

Also, the brief interlude of clean guitar after the middle is my Indie semi-acoustic with P90s.

The bass is my five string Crafter which also does the faux organ at the end.

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