Little Orphic Annie

Unravelling blues, violets, pinks, and beige,
My soul is a rainbow in absentia.
Absinth pages, green, and golden snow,
Little Orphic Annie came to Arhus to stay.
While vertiginous goblins gambolled along,
And had their way with her again,
In crimson flow and cosmic pain.
Starting point was Lyn Kalley Ingram’s reading of ‘Little Orphant Annie’, which has that perverse dark underbelly of all nursery crymes, sorry, rhymes.

I also made the association with the Orphic art of the Delauneys with the proximity of the variant ‘orphant’ and ‘orphic’, and how life and art are essentially orphaned and orphic states.

I am your Orpheus.

Lyn Kalley Ingram; vocal,
Bill Boethius, guitars, bass and drums.

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