Jammed Together, a mutant blues ...

When they can’t find their shoes,
When they’ve nothing to lose ,
When they’re feeling low down and dirty,
Dazed and thoroughly confused.

When they’re broken down, beaten up and bruised.
When they have no choices,
So they just can’t choose ...

What else would these poor boys do?
Smile and be happy?
No way ...
Get out of here!

They jammed together,
A mutant blues,
A mutated strain,
So the world could hear,
Their pain, and know,
They’d paid their dues.

Jonathan Beckenstein, guitar.
Bill Boethius, slide guitar, bass and drums.

Main riff idea by Jonathan,
Production by Bill.

Jonathan plays a Fender Telecaster .
Bill plays an Indie Shape semi-hollow guitar with a glass bottleneck, an Epiphone SG guitar with a brass slide, a Revelation lap steel guitar with a bar, a Squier Jazz bass and an Alesis drum machine
A collaboration between Jonathan and Bill had been on the Tarot cards for some time.
They finally decided that they were both fans of Robbie Krieger of the Doors, and therefore it was ‘alright’ for them to do one.
Jon sent Bill a track that he subconsciously hoped Bill would be able to do nothing with, and Bill then tried to consciously obliterate it with his own noises.
Neither of these things worked, and Jon’s original raunchy guitar riffing stood up amongst a host of Bill’s slide guitars and the stomp of Bill’s rhythm section.
‘That worked’, they said – ‘we dedicate this one to Robbie then?’ - Bill said.
Why not, say I – there’s more than a bit of ‘moonlight drive’ in there.

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