Profile description of Big Breeze:

Kronach/Jena, Germany

It all has started in 2007 with a bunch of 7" and two turntables. Since then my record collection (nowadays my CD/Wav collection) has grown steadily. When I listened to Jungle for the first time I realized that Reggae and Dancehall can't be enough. There's too much beautiful music out there to simply stay with just one genre. So I took my first steps into electronic music.

Today I really enjoy playing more or less any kind of music. Of course there are still a lot exceptions. Mostly I play harder and darker styles of drum and bass. But a lot of Hardcore and also a bit Terror. On the contrary I love to play Jungle. Jungle is what keeps me alive. Without exaggerating I can definitly say that it's my true love.

From time to time I still play some Dubstep, too. Honestly I have to admit that I have not enough time to focus extensively on Dubstep anymore. At the moment my interest is at a pretty low level. One might say I'm not satisfied with the current state of Dubstep and I'm too much into other music. I simply can't catch up with proper Dubstep releases by now. Maybe in the future again.

I hope to see you in the crowd one day. Thanks for listening. I really appreciate that ;)

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