After 7 months I finally found some time to record something again for this account. I was lucky enough to spend my last weekend in Czech Republic with so many nice guys. It's always so nice to come together with these guys every once in a while. And also our Erfurt/Gera/Leipzig support team was top notch! You'd have a hard time finding a resembling bunch of weirdos. Well, cutting a long story short, I recorded a new Jungle tape. My friend Dukor, who also invited us to this beautiful location, mentioned that he really liked this 'aggressive/angry' Ragga Jungle. So I thought, that's it. I recorded this tape already on Monday but didn't find the time to upload it, yet. However, here it is as requested. Jungle with some of the most important and respectable Deejays of the Reggae scene and pretty well known riddims like the Sleng Teng.

You'll find Daddy Freddy, Shabba Ranks, Burro Banton, Bounty Killer and C(r)apleton besides others. Most of the tunes are just soundclash tracks. Others, like tracks by Bounty Killer etc., are usually too slack for me. I always loved digital reggae and therefore I always had to deal with slackness lyrics. I couldn't ever identify with them, especially gunlyrics. Most of the lyrics are a bit too much for me. But I'm pretty sure that most of the listeners wouldn't get the message anyway since it's pretty tough to understand Patois even though you listen to this music for quite some time. Enough of this bullshit. Let's come back to what's important here. Focusing back on my mixtape recession, I hope to please you with some more tapes within in the next two months. I'll spend my spare time in my chamber of doom, working on my uncanny tan and hopefully also some new tapes. I hope to record some more distorted fragments soonish. In the meantime, enjoy some Ruffneck Ragga Jungle!

-- Intro --

  1. Kid Lib – Box of Selection
  2. Dub Liner, Black Orchid - Untitled Murder Plate
  3. 16 AJ – Warning
  4. Oshkosh + Osci - Style Thing
  5. Six Foot Unda - Killa No Trace
  6. Stivs & MDS - 12 O'clock Natty
  7. Pastaman - Dangerous Sound
  8. Bman - Kill Dem
  9. Omen Breaks - Mac 10
  10. Stivs - Dustbinmen
    • 87.5 bpm
    • Key: Am
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